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There are more helpful documents from the Office of Undergraduate Research are available  at the bottom of this page.

Citing sources in a research paper MLA or APA

Writing a Research Paper

Publisher copyright policies and self-archiving: This website includes information regarding copyright policies of many major research journal titles. It is critical that all students review the policies of each journal in which they are published prior to publishing the same work in any other journal.

UKnowledge: To celebrate the achievements of UK’s undergraduate researchers, the Office of Undergraduate Research collaborates with the University of Kentucky Libraries to archive and enable online access to students’ research reports and posters via UK’s institutional repository UKnowledge.The reports and posters illustrate the student researchers’ competencies and intellectual aspirations, and highlight the benefits and significance of faculty mentoring.  When the students apply to graduate schools and/or professional programs, they will able to provide concrete evidence of their academic success with the URLs of their reports and posters.  As the UKnowledge system tracks download rates, the students will also be able to demonstrate the interest in their research by noting the download counts of their submissions to UKnowledge.  Meanwhile, by offering online access to archived reports and posters, UK shares valuable knowledge with the people in the Commonwealth and beyond.  

CUR: The Council on Undergraduate Research (CUR) is a national professional (membership) organization designed to support and promote high-quality undergraduate student-faculty collaborative research and scholarship. Since 2011, the UK Office of Undergraduate Research has been a member of CUR through the Kentucky System-wide Institutional membership, contracted by the Council on Post-secondary Education (CPE). As of July 1, 2015, we are pleased to account that the University of Kentucky has become an Enhanced Institutional Member. Enhanced Institutional Membership allows ANY faculty member, student, or staff member from our institution to join the Council on Undergraduate Research at no additional cost to the individual. All other membership benefits of the institutional membership also apply to the enhanced membership. For more information about CUR and memberships, see

How to become a member of the Council of Undergraduate Research (CUR) under the UK Enhanced Membership 2015 - 2016. We invite you to join CUR by following these steps: 

        1.) Go to
        3.) In online application, be sure to use the scroll list to SELECT INSTITUTION - UNIVERSITY OF
             KENTUCKY (this should activate the no cost feature).
        Note: the URPD is the DIVISION for members who want to participate as general undergraduate research.
        Otherwise, select a division that corresponds with your discipline/major.