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The Lewis Honors College

Teaching an Honors Course or Seminar

Guidelines for Honors Seminar or Departmental "H Sections" Offerings

Proposal Submission Process

Honors seminars offer an excellent opportunity for faculty members to try out new ideas in teaching and research topics, to pilot a course that they may develop for their own department or program, and/or to work with a small group (not more than 20) of excellent students.

Professors interested in proposing a seminar for the Honors Program or a departmental “H Section” should submit a proposal via through our online form at  The proposal should be submitted no later than April 15 for subsequent Spring and Summer offerings and November 15 for subsequent Fall and Winter offerings semesters in order for the Honors Program to have adequate time to review and comment on the course and the director can coordinate with the relevant department, the Office of Undergraduate Education, and the Registrar’s office in curriculum planning.  Decisions will be made by August 15 for a spring semester offering and by December 15 for a fall semester offering. Faculty proposing education abroad courses for Honors must also submit the appropriate materials to Education Abroad to build a new program in conjunction with the Honors course proposal.

Proposals should include the following information:

  • The completed form (available at:
  • A copy of your latest curriculum vitae, which may be emailed to Meg Marquis at
  • Adjunct faculty members: please also email a brief description outlining your teaching experiences and provide at least two references who can speak to your teaching skills.

The online form will ask for:

  • The type of Honors course you are proposing   
  • Proposed Subtitle          
  • Course Prefix and Number         
  • Course Title      
  • Course Subtitle               
  • UK Core/College/Major Requirement(s) Fulfilled, as applicable              
  • A concise but informative list of exactly how the proposed Honors section differs from the regular offering and why this should be offered as an Honors section (if a departmental section)
  • Course Description        
  • Proposed Texts/Readings           
  • Proposed Grading Scheme         
  • How the course incorporates one or more of the following elements:
    • Interdisciplinary content            
    • Use of primary materials             
    • Writing intensive
    • Independent research
    • Discussion intensive
    • Other clear features that aim to deeply develop critical/analytical skills

Faculty may be asked to meet with the HP Faculty of Record to discuss questions about the proposal.

Upon approval, faculty will be contacted by the Director of Student Services to arrange a meeting pattern for the course if the course is to be offered under an HON heading and to collect course details if the course is to be offered as an “H section”. HON sections are capped at 20 students, and the Honors Program requests that departmental “H sections” make every effort to keep those sections at lower capacities than the regular versions of those courses. Additionally, individual departments may opt to place controlled enrollment on departmental courses, or allow open seats to be filled by non-Honors students after Honors registration has passed.

For sample proposals, please contact the director or the Honors Program office.


All proposals should be approved by the faculty member making the proposal AND by the department head. We recommend that you or your chair remain in contact with the dean of your college about your overall teaching responsibilities, and faculty should be aware of any additional approvals necessary through their home departments.

Course Evaluations

All professors offering courses through the Honors Program, including seminars, are requested to submit their syllabi to the program office at the beginning of each semester and copies of their evaluations at the end of the semester.

Course Management Procedures

The Honors Program follows the course management procedures laid out by the Office of Undergraduate Education; course offerings for Honors correspondingly will do so as well. Please contact Randolph Hollingsworth ( or Terri Runyon (truny1@email.uky.edu1) for a full description of that procedure.