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The Honors Program

University Scholars Program

Honors Program students are encouraged to seek admission to the University Scholars Program if they plan to pursue a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in the same academic discipline.  Pursuing this option will streamline the student’s educational pathway, saving both time and money.  Additionally, graduate courses completed through the University Scholars Program can count toward Honors Program requirements.

The University Scholars Program offers highly motivated students the opportunity and the challenge of integrating their undergraduate and graduate courses of study in a single continuous program culminating in both a baccalaureate and a master’s degree. The total number of hours for the combined program may be as many as 12 fewer than the total required for both the bachelor’s and the master’s degrees separately. The requirements for the bachelor’s degree are unaffected.

An application to the program should be submitted at the end of the student’s junior year. Applicants should have completed at least 90 credit hours of work toward the bachelor’s degree, or be eligible for senior standing in the semester they are admitted to the program. The master’s program should be in the field of the undergraduate major, and the undergraduate grade point average must be at least a 3.5 in the applicant’s major field and 3.2 overall.

Applicants to a University Scholars program must fill out and have signed a University Scholar’s application form, which is available in The Graduate School Admissions Office and below. This form should be returned along with the standard Graduate School application form. The Dean of the Graduate School or his appointee will make admission decisions. Students must register in the Graduate School for all work taken following admission to the University Scholars Program. University Scholars may take no more than 16 credit hours per semester, except by recommendation of their director of graduate studies and by approval of the Dean of the Graduate School. Students must have an undergraduate advisor and a graduate advisor. A jointly planned program must be prepared for each student.

Students should submit the University Scholars Application Form along with GRE scores and an online application to the Graduate School in the Junior year.

Baccalaureate/Masters University Scholars programs are currently offered in:

Agricultural Economics
Biomedical Engineering
Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering Hispanic Studies
Chemical Engineering
Chemistry Mathematics
Civil Engineering MCLLC
Manufacturing Systems Engineering
Materials Science and Engineering
Computer Science
Mechanical Engineering
Dietetics and Human Nutrition
Diplomacy and International Commerce
Electrical Engineering
Family Studies
Rehabilitation Counseling

If the program you are interested in above does not have a link to the department page, contact an academic advisor in that department for more information about the requirements for that University Scholars Program option.