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First Generation Initiatives

What does it mean to be first generation?

Being a first generation (1G) college student means neither of your parents earned a Bachelor's degree, regardless of siblings and other relatives. The Office of First Generation Initiatives was created in 2011 by the Provost to lead campus wide efforts to recruit, retain and graduate more first generation students at the University of Kentucky.

UK Connect
UK Connect is a collaboration between the Robinson Scholars Program, First Generation Initiatives, Student Support Services (SSS) and The Center for Academic Resources and Enrichment Services (CARES). This program is designed to increase the persistence of students who are seeking or may need additional academic support and enrichment opportunities. Students targeted for this program are first year students that are either underrepresented, first generation, or low-income who are not participating in any University of Kentucky scholarship, academic, or Living and Learning programs.

If you are or have been displaced from your family of origin, former foster youth, orphan, have been a ward of the state, adopted, homeless, or an independent student, then you quality for EMBRACE. This program provides support, resources and financial incentives to complete your degree at the University of Kentucky.