Adaptive Learning Pilot Student FAQ

Welcome to the Spring 2013 eText and Adaptive Learning Pilot at the University of Kentucky!

We've compiled this brief FAQ to address the most common questions students may have about the Connect+ etextbook or LearnSmart adaptive learning modules. If you would like specific instructions for using a particular feature, the "More Info" links at the end of each answer will take you to that feature in the Connect+/LearnSmart student help guide.

Courseload users should read the eText Pilot Student FAQ instead.
Please contact us if you have additional questions!

Q: How do I get registered for Connect to access my etextbook and LearnSmart?

A: It's easy - just click the Connect link from your Blackboard course, complete a short registration form, and you're done! View or download our registration guide (PDF) for step-by-step instructions.

Q: Can I view page numbers, flip through my textbook, or jump to a specific page in my Connect+ etextbook?

A: Yes! Scanning your ebook is easy, with drop-down menus for chapters and sections, a search bar at the top right corner, and a "Jump to Page" bar in the top left. (More Info)

Q: Can I highlight the text?

A: Yes, you can highlight just like in a physical textbook. To add a highlight, simply click and drag over the text you wish to highlight and select a highlight color highlighter drop-down menu. (More Info)

Q: Can I make in-line or margin notes?

A: Yes! To add an in-line note to the text, click and drag over the section of text you would like to annotate, then click on the Note drop-down menu, select a note color, and click "add note." You can drag and drop these notes to appear anywhere on the page. All of your notes and highlights are organized by chapter in your Notebook, accessed from the top right corner. (More Info)

Q: Can I save bookmarks?

A: Yes! To bookmark a page, click on the page icon with a purple ribbon at the top right of any page and select "add bookmark" from the drop-down menu. You can access your saved bookmarks from same icon, using the "Jump to Bookmark" drop-down menu. (More Info)

Q: Can I read the etextbook offline?

Unfortunately, no. Connect+ requires an active internet connection to access the etextbook.

Q: Can I print pages from Connect+?

A: Yes! To print the current page, click on the Print icon on the top right of the Connect+ page. You may print only a single page each time you print.

Q: I would really like a paper copy of this textbook without printing the whole thing myself. What are my options?

Traditional paper versions of the course textbook may be obtained from the University of Kentucky Bookstore and other retail outlets. Loose-leaf versions of most pilot course textbooks can also be purchased directly from McGraw-Hill using the order link in the Connect course.

Q: Can I use Connect+ and LearnSmart from a tablet or smartphone?

A: Yes! Simply access your course from the Connect+ page and locate your eBook. Please follow the More Info link for a detailed tutorial on using a tablet to view your ebook. (More Info)

You can also complete your assigned LearnSmart modules on the go, by downloading the free LearnSmart app, available for iOS and Android (beta) devices. Remember to start and end the module online, so your work will be saved. (More Info)

Q: Can LearnSmart track my progress and help me study smarter?

A: Yes! If, while you are answering assignment questions in the LearnSmart module, you begin to struggle with questions of a certain topic, LearnSmart may ask you to "Take a Break." You will then be linked to the relevant chapter for further reading. You can also access Reports (at the top left of your Learning Calendar, on the Connect+ page). These can help you track your progress in each chapter, personalize practice quizzes, show you statistics about your answers to practice questions, and even give you a list of the content you found most challenging along with the relevant sections of the book, so you can study more efficiently. (More Info)

Q: I'm having problems using Connect+ or LearnSmart for class. Where should I go for help?

A: For self-help, follow the "More Info" links above, or find additional Connect+ and LearnSmart documentation at the Connect Success Academy.

If you prefer to talk to a person, McGraw-Hill offers support via phone, email, and live chat. Visit their Support Center for more information.

Q: I have questions about the etext pilot or using Blackboard. Where should I go for help?

A: Call 859-218-HELP (4357). If the Service Desk agent cannot immediately answer your question, you will be referred to the Academic Technologies Scholars team for assistance.