About Blackboard

What is it?

Blackboard is the learning management system (LMS, sometimes also referred to as a course management system) that has been selected by the University of Kentucky. Blackboard provides instructors with a web presence, but does not require them to know web programming.

How can I use it?

Blackboard is an asynchronous teaching tool, meaning that participants do not have to be simultaneously connected.

Common uses of Blackboard include posting course syllabi and content, distributing and collecting assignments, maintaining student grades, and communicating with students. Instructors can use Blackboard to teach hybrid courses (courses that meet in a classroom, or face-to-face, as well as meet online) or distance learning courses (courses that are conducted entirely using the internet and do not meet in a classroom), or as a supplemental tool for a fully face-to-face course. Blackboard can also support a variety of group activities through its collaborative tools, such as discussion boards, blogs, and wiki.

Who can use it?

Blackboard is accessible to all instructors and students in the University of Kentucky community. Instructors and students use their link blue username and password to log into Blackboard.

Where is it?

Blackboard is a web based application and is accessible from anywhere in the world at http://elearning.uky.edu. This enables instructors and students to continue participating in a class regardless of their physical location and can be very useful during inclement weather or if the instructor needs to travel for a conference or off-site research. Students doing field research or clinical practicums can also readily maintain contact, share information, and reflect on their experiences while away.


Blackboard is fully site-licensed by UK, so usage is free for all UK individuals. However, there may be an additional cost for course packs or supplementary materials provided by textbook publishers or other third-party vendors.

Getting Help

For technical support, call the UKIT Service Desk at 218-HELP (4357) or email helpdesk@uky.edu. You can also use the extensive online Guide for instructors, found under Help in the Control Panel of each Blackboard course. Technical support staff in your college or department may also be able to assist you.

For instructional support, including best practices for effective educational use, contact the Center for the Enhancement of Learning and Teaching (CELT) or Distance Learning Programs.

Technical Requirements

Supported Browsers & Operating Systems