New in Blackboard for Spring 2013

With the 2013 Spring Semester comes more exciting new updates to the University of Kentucky’s Blackboard site! These latest changes will help save time, increase ease of use, and make Blackboard even more flexible and functional for instructors and students alike!

UKIT's Learning Systems Support team will be offering in person and online demonstrations of Blackboard 9.1's latest features for instructors throughout the semester. Visit our Training and Events calendar or contact our Scholars team for more information or to register for a demonstration. We hope to see you there!

New Feature: My Blackboard

My Blackboard was developed to solve the problem of users having to visit multiple courses to obtain the most up-to-date information about classes. With this new feature, the most important information from all enrolled courses has been consolidated into five new tools: Profile, Posts, Updates, My Grades, and People. These tools display needed information in convenient, visible locations, making Blackboard usage more efficient than ever!

Improved Text Notifications

Blackboard now offers users to receive automated notifications and system-wide announcements through text messages! From assignment due dates to course notifications, instructors and students can stay completely up to date through any personal mobile device. (Fees may apply for receiving text messages. Users should check with their cellular data provider for details.)

Simpler Content Editor

Blackboard has also made improvements to the way users post and share content within courses. The newly redesigned Content Editor now offers a more user-friendly way to navigate and upload class material, enabling all levels of users to confidently maintain courses, content, and assignments.

Better Tests and Quizzes

Two exciting new improvements to tests and quizzes should help instructors save time when administering tests and quizzes online. First, enhancements to fill in the blank questions will free question writers from having to provide exact word matched answers in order for Blackboard to correctly grade them. Second, a brand new Item Analysis feature automatically evaluates the quality of test and quiz questions to help instructors to better distinguish between students who know the test material and those who don't.

For More Information...

For written instructions and screen shots, download the Blackboard Learn Spring 2013 UK Feature Guide (PDF), which outlines all features mentioned above and more!