Adobe Connect Best Practices

Creating a meeting with Adobe Connect shouldn't be overwhelming, so we've created a list of best practices to use Adobe Connect Pro that can serve as a guide on how to use Adobe Connect Pro. Start with Preparation, then browse the other areas to get a step by step guide on how to use this tool before, during, and after a meeting. In each section, you'll find instructions and images to help guide you through the process of creating a meeting, using tools throughout, and what to do once a meeting is over so that you are ready to use Adobe Connect Pro with ease!

This document has three main sections. To jump directly to a section, select a link!

  • Preparation - creating a meeting, audio conference settings, participants and invitations, before your meeting diagnostic test, and uploading content
  • In-Meeting - audio and visual, mobile devices, recording, sharing, and collaboration.
  • Post Meeting - room maintenance, using recordings, and reports.