Adobe Connect Pro - Preparation


There can be a lot to think about in preparing for a meeting with Adobe Connect. In an effort to make it a clear process, we've complied a how to guideline of some of the best practices below that can that be used as a checklist as you prepare to use Adobe Connect Pro.
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Creating a Meeting for Events: Trainings, Lectures, Office Hours, and Discussions

First, there are a few questions you need to answer before you begin creating your meeting room:

  1. Will I be using this room for a class meeting space or will this be an informal meeting space?

    You will want to make sure to give a unique but qualifying name to your meeting room so as to not cause any confusion with Presenters and Participants.  It also helps to create a custom URL that can be easily remembered.

  1. Will this room just be used once or will it be used multiple times?

    In 'Summary of the Meeting' information page please make sure to indicate (for yourself and co-hosts/presenters) whether this meeting will be a one-time only meeting or be a persistent meetng space. Based upon whether or not you want ot use the room multiple times or only one time, there are actions you will want to perform to help keep the system healthy and more organized for you. So, if you plan on only using meeting space once, make sure delete after you have retrieved everything that you neeed form it. If you plan on using the meeting space multiple, make sure you clear unwanted chats, notes, files, or web links in between meetings so the space does not become cluttered. It is also possible to keep records for each meeting, you can 'export' (safe as .rtf or email) notes and email chat history before clearing.

  2. Will I be using this room to share documents/media?

If you plan to present documents and/or media, please make sure that you use the 'Shared Templates/UK Default Meeting Template' as the template for the meeting room.  This template has been modified to help reduce bandwidth issues associated with sharing documents and media and using video.

  1. Will all of my presenters and participants be able to access my meeting via computer or will some need to 'call in'?

If you anticipate having presenters or participants that will not be able to use Voice over Internet Provider (VoIP), you will need to set up and include audio conference information during the creation process.

  1. Will all of my presenters and participants be associated with the University of Kentucky or will I have some presenters or participants who are from other Institutions?
If many or all of the presenters and participants that you will be inviting to the meeting are associated with the University of Kentucky and from other institutions as well, you can change access so only registered users and accepted guests may enter the room and then find and add all anticipated participants (make sure to set user roles for presenters and co-hosts).  This will help make the meeting start more smoothly and on-time by allowing participants/presenters/co-hosts to enter the room without you having to accept them. Remember, if you will have some presenters and/or participants that are from other institutions, you will need to accept them before they are allowed into the meeting space. If you do not want to have to allow them before they enter, please change the access to 'Anyone who has the URL for the meeting can enter the room'.

  1. Will all of my presenters and participants be within the same time zone?

If you plan on having presenters and participants outside of the time zone you are in, please make sure to include all time zones within the invitation and in any future communications.

Audio Conference Settings


When deciding to host a meeting, the choice is mainly up to the preference of the host; however, there may be a few other factors that will influence your decision. Already, many departments here at the University of Kentucky use Intercall which would make it easier to just use the depatments line. Intercall is also compatible if a participant has a low connection speed, no speakers, and/or no microphones. Regardless of which service you choose, directions on how to set up and use Intercall is provided by clicking here.

Participants and Invitations

Follow the following steps to edit participants and send invitations. Participants can be added at the time of meeting creation or added/removed any time afterwards by accessing meeting information within UK Connect Central (

To Edit Participants:

    1. Select the 'Meeting' tab after you log into Connect Central .
    2. Find and select the meeting room in which you would like to edit the participant list.
    3. Select the Edit Participants sub-tab Add, set User Role, or Remove any participant.


    To Send Invitations:

    Invitations can also be sent out during the meeting creation process and any time afterwards by accessing meeting information within UK Connect Central (

      1. Select the 'Meeting' tab after you log into Connect Central Find and select the meeting room in which you would like to send invitations
      2. Select the Invitations sub-tab
      3. Select the 'Send E-Mail Invitations' button (this uses your computer's default email program)
      4. Add the users to whom you would like to send the email
      5. Make any additions or edits to the Subject and Body of the email and Send

      Before Your Meeting Diagnostic Testing

      Hosts, presenters, and participants should run the 'Meeting Connection Diagnostic' before each meeting. The link to the diagnostic page is: If the test does not successfully pass the Flash Player Test, the user may need to go and update Flash Player. If the test does not successfully pass the Adobe Connect Connection Test, the user may need to open these ports (Firewall and Router):

      • HTTP:80
      • HTTPS:443
      • RTMPS:443
      • RTMP:1935
      • RTMPT:80

      Please go to Firewall and Router product support sites for more information.

      If the test does not successfully pass the Connection Speed Test:

      1. Please make sure your computer is directly connected to your modem or router.
      2. Turn off/on modem and/or router
      3. Turn off/on Wi-Fi or move to a location with more secure Wi-Fi if connecting via mobile device.

      If the test does ot successfully pass the Adobe Connect Add-in Test, the user will need to click on the 'Install Add-in' button and follow the on-screen prompts. If the Add-in does not install properly, or does not work after being installed. the user can add "?launcer=false" after the the meeting room URL (the URL will appear as teh following:  This will allow the user to access the meeting room within a browser.  The user will be able to do everything their role will allow except for share desktop.

      For more troubleshooting tips, please go to the Adobe Connect Meeting Troubleshooting Tips Site.

      Uploading Content

      When preparing a meeting room for use, the documents you wish to share, whether they be shared within the 'Share' pod (PDFs, PPTs, etc.) or within the 'File' pod, should be uploaded into your meeting room before the meeting begins.  This helps to ensure that the meeting will start on time and progress so that it will finish on time. Please follow the following steps to upload content in Adobe Connect Pro.

      1. To upload content within the meeting room, first enter the room.
      2. Next, choose which of the default layouts you would like to use, or create one/some of your own (within the menu, select Layouts and then 'Create new Layout...').
      3. Once you have a layout or set of layouts displaying all of the pods you wish to use during your meeting, go through the layouts/pods and add the content to the specific pods in which you wish to present them (you can even order the layouts using the layout bar to the right).  Any lecture material or presentations (.PPT, .PDF, etc.) you wish to go through, for example, will need to be uploaded within a 'Share' pod so that you can easily page through the material, synchronously, with all participants. You can add and use multiple 'Share' pods already loaded with the content you wish to share.

      Any resources you wish to provide for students to download during the meeting can be uploaded using the 'File' pod.  The 'Web Links' pod can be used to upload URLs of useful internet sites.  You can synchronously push navigation to a particular site during a meeting by selecting a link you have added and selecting 'Browse To'.