eText Pilot Student FAQ

Welcome to the Fall 2013 eTextbook Pilot at the University of Kentucky!

Based on student feedback from previous pilots, we've compiled this brief FAQ to address the most common questions students had about the Courseload digital textbook reader. If you want specific instructions for using a particular feature, the "More Info" links at the end of each answer connect you to that feature in the Courseload student help guide.

Connect+/LearnSmart users should read the Adaptive Learning Pilot Student FAQ instead.
Please contact us if you have additional questions!

Q: Can I view page numbers, flip through my textbook, or jump to a specific page?

A: Yes! Page numbers and page layouts in the Courseload eText match those in the physical book. Most page numbers appear on the textbook page itself, in either the top or bottom corner, just as they are printed in the physical book. Page numbers also appear on the quick jump tool (the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen), which you can use to quickly browse through thumbnails of book pages or go to a specific page. (More Info)

Q: Can I highlight the text?

A: Yes, you can highlight just like in a physical textbook. To add a highlight, simply click and drag over the text you wish to highlight and select a highlight color from the dialog box. (More Info)

Q: Can I make in-line or margin notes in my Courseload eText?

A: Yes! To add an in-line note to the text, click and drag over the section of text you would like to annotate, then click “Add Note” when the dialog box appears. If you prefer margin notes, you can click the Notes' + button at the top of each page to add page notes, which appear as a separate list attached to the page. You can also assign tags to your note such as “vocabulary” or “for exam 1” for organizational purposes. (More Info)

Q: Can I save bookmarks?

A: Yes! To bookmark a page, click on the gray ribbon with a plus icon at the top left of any page. To delete unwanted bookmarks, click the ribbon again. You can access your saved bookmarks from the panel to the left. (More Info)

Q: Can I search notes written by my instructor?

A: Yes! Type your desired term in the search box and select the “Notes” tab in the Search Results panel. This will show results for instructor notes, notes you have made, and any other publicly visible student notes. (More Info)

Q: Can I ask my instructor a question from within Courseload?

A: Yes! You can click the check box next to “Post as a question” when making a note to alert your instructor that you have a question. When your instructor responds to the question you will see another annotation containing his or her response. (More Info)

Q: Can I read the textbook offline?

A: Yes! Click on the dropdown arrow to the left of your textbook in the Books & Materials panel and select “Checkout How-To.” Follow the instructions to install Courseload Offline, which will allow you to read offline. (More Info)

Please note that Courseload Offline is available only through the Google Chrome web browser.

Q: Can I print pages from Courseload?

A: Yes! To print a selection of pages, click on the Print icon on the left panel of the Courseload page. You may print up to 50 pages each time you print. Page numbers in the eText will match the page numbers of the physical textbook. (More Info)

Q: I would really like a paper copy of this textbook without printing the whole thing myself. What are my options?

A: You can buy a printed 8.5x11” spiral-bound or loose-leaf copy of your textbook directly from Courseload. To order, click the “Buy from Courseload” button under your desired textbook in the Books & Materials panel. Printed copies from Courseload cost $30-40, depending on length of text and preferred binding.

If you would prefer a retail copy of the textbook, you can purchase one through the UK Bookstore or other local or online textbook outlets. Prices will vary.

Q: I’m having problems using my Courseload eText for class. Where should I go?

A: For self-help, please follow the "More Info" links above, or view additional Courseload videos and documentation.

If you prefer to talk to a person, call 859-218-HELP (4357). If the Service Desk agent cannot immediately answer your question, you will be referred to the Academic Technology Scholars team for assistance.


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