How to View Enhanced Podcasts in iTunes U

In iTunes 11, Apple introduced a new Mini Player that opens when users double-click on a podcast. Although the Mini Player resembles the video player that appeared in previous versions of iTunes, it can only display album artwork, not slides or videos.

This change has caused some confusion for users of enhanced podcasts, so we created this tutorial to help clear things up. Read on to find out how to view enhanced podcasts in iTunes version 11 and above!

Viewing an Enhanced Podcast

Having trouble viewing enhanced podcasts from UK's iTunes U? We did too! The following steps will help you see the slides accompanying the enhanced podcast you're trying to play.

  • Be sure you're using the latest version of iTunes. These instructions were written for iTunes 11.
  • Locate your class's enhanced podcast and download the relevant episode. Note: while you may be able to listen to the podcast through iTunes U, you will not be able to view the slides and chapters until downloading it!


  • In your iTunes Library, double-click the podcast to begin playing. You should hear the podcast playing, but only be able to view the album art. However, after completing this step, you should now see the podcast's title, playbar, album art, etc. at the top of the iTunes screen.


  • Mac users: hold the COMMAND key; Windows users: hold the CTRL key. Holding this key, click the album art in the player at the top middle of the iTunes window. You should now be able to view the slides, images, and chapters for the enhanced podcast. Note: Do not simply double-click the album art without holding the COMMAND or CTRL key. Doing so will only open a mini player displaying the album art and will not show the images in the podcast.


  • Congratulations! You have successfully opened your enhanced podcast! To jump to a chapter, select the Chapters drop-down menu at the top left of your screen, and select the chapter you wish to view.