Kaltura Student Information Guide

How to Upload Kaltura Media into an Assignment submission, or Discussion, Blog, Journal, etc.

Like Blackboard, Kaltura works within your web browser. A web camera and microphone are required to record video or audio.

1. Navigate to the assignment, discussion, blog or journal within their Blackboard course.

2. From the Content Editor, click the small “Mashup” button on the toolbar and select the Kaltura Media dropdown.

content editor


What is it?

Kaltura is a video streaming service that integrates with Blackboard using the Kaltura Building Block.

How can I use it?

Students can upload video and audio files and then embed links to it within assignments, in discussions, blogs, or journals.

Instructors can upload video to Kaltura from within a Blackboard course and then make it available to students under a course Media Gallery, within a Content Area, or as part of an assignment, quiz, or test.

Preparing Camtasia Files for Upload to Blackboard

Adding and Managing Videos with Kaltura

Videos in the My Media Area

The My Media area within Blackboard contains all media contributed by the user, regardless of the course. From this location, users may manage existing videos, as well as add additional videos.

My Media is found within the Tools module on the Blackboard homepage.

Working with the Course Media Gallery

The Course Media Gallery provided by Kaltura allows instructors to manage all media content that is associated within a specific Blackboard course. When the tool is added to the course menu, instructors have immediate access to the gallery. If the tool is made available to users, students are then able to upload videos into the course.

Note: During a Course Copy, ALL media within the Course Media Gallery will be copied into the new course (this includes student submissions).

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