Getting Started with TurningPoint


This document is for instructors. If you are a student, please see our Student Information Guide.

After you've reviewed our general information about TurningPoint, here are some tips for working with the audience response system.

Testing Clickers Before Use

  • Go to the TurningPoint Toolbar in PowerPoint
  • Select Receiver
  • Click the Test tab
  • Press any number/letter button (data should appear for each clicker tested)

Changing the Channel on the Receiver

  • Go to the TurningPoint Toolbar
  • Click the Settings tab
  • Click Connections (ResponseCard Channels will display)
  • Click the channel number on the Receiver line to get the drop down list
  • Select the desired channel by scrolling

Blackboard Integration

For detailed information about using the Blackboard Integration feature, including logging in, selecting your classes, selecting the wizard, opening the roster file and using a participants list, please see one of the following:

Remember, the server address is:

Software Differences

There are some differences in the TurningPoint software when installed with different versions of Microsoft Office. Please review the appropriate user guide for your platform and version of Office.

TurningPoint Applications for Windows

Using RemotePoll

RemotePoll allows a presenter to poll audience members in different locations and keep them involved in the lecture/presentation despite their distance.

RemotePoll requires the presenter to have ResponseWare credentials in order to accept responses from more than one location. For more information or to request an account, please contact the UKIT Service Desk.

Training and Enrichment Opportunities