TurningPoint Student Information Guide


This document is for students. If you are an instructor, please see our Getting Started Tutorial.

After you've reviewed our general information about TurningPoint, here are some tips for preparing to use and using the audience response system.

Getting a ResponseCard Clicker

  • Clickers can be purchased at UK bookstores and academic bookstores around campus.
  • Clickers currently cost about $40-$50.

Registering a Clicker in Blackboard

Clickers only need to be registered once to become linked to all of a student's Blackboard classes. If you have registered your device for a previous class, you do not need to register again.

  • Log into Blackboard.
  • Select the course in which you'll be using the clicker.
  • Select Tools from the Course Menu on the left.
  • Locate the Turning Technologies Registration Tool.
  • If you've already registered a clicker, the Device ID will be displayed under My Registered Devices. You can edit or delete your registered ResponseCard by clicking Edit or Delete.
  • To register a new clicker, Click ResponseCard.
  • Enter the six character ResponseCard Device ID found on the back of your clicker.
  • Click Register.

For more information, please see the Turning Technologies Blackboard Student User Guide, linked below.

Changing Channels on a Clicker

Clickers and receivers must be on the same channel to communicate. You should only change your channel from the default setting if your instructor tell you to do so and gives you a new channel code.

  • Press and release the "GO" (or "Channel") button.
  • While the light is flashing red and green, Enter the 2 digit channel code (ie. Channel 1 = 01, channel 21 = 21).
  • After the second digit is entered, press and release the "GO" (or "Channel") button.
  • Press and release the "1/A" button. The light should flash yellow to confirm.

Using a Clicker in Class

  • Entering a response

    • Press desired letter/number
    • Green light confirms that the response was received
  • LED light confirmation
    • Green - response received
    • Red - response not received
    • Flashing Red - clicker on the wrong channel
  • Question (?) Button
    • Silently notifies the instructor that someone has a question
    • Will only show up once for each clicker per question