You can use this information to assist in identifying transfer equivalencies for courses you have completed at other institutions. You may view all transfer equivalencies for courses evaluated from a selected institution at the link below. Updates are made to this information as additional courses are evaluated for equivalencies. For more information on course and program abbreviations as well as types of credit awarded, consult the drop-down sections below.


Transfer Equivalencies

Transfer Credit Evaluation

If you have credit from another institution, MyUK is where you will find information about the status of your credits. You may begin accessing your transfer credit online, through MyUK after you have been admitted. The normal time period for this to occur is 3-4 weeks. Coursework from the Kentucky Community and Technical College System and 4 year public schools in Kentucky may be accessed sooner. Once posted, your UK Unofficial Transcript will display courses from previous schools that have been accepted up to this point.

As you look over the information on your unofficial transcript, you will see that certain courses have been equated to specific UK courses. You may also notice codes on courses which fulfill UK Core (General Education) requirements (noted with codes such as AH HUM, SB GDY, UKC SSC, etc.). Others may appear with placeholder tags such as NEEDEVAL or NEEDSYLL. Research is being done on these courses and every effort is being made to provide a comprehensive evaluation of all your credits prior to your Advising Conference.  More information as to what particular codes mean on your unofficial transcript from UK can be found on the Transfer Course Codes link below.

It is important for you to know that your transfer evaluation is an ongoing process that sometimes will continue through your first semester at UK. It is important for you to continue to monitor your unofficial transcript and APEX Degree Planner for any updates to your transfer credit evaluation.  Should have any questions about your transfer work, please contact our staff based on your last name.

Transfer Course Codes

Courses from regionally accredited institutions numbered 100 or higher will appear on your official UK transcript along with the UK course equivalency.  They may appear in the following manner.

BIO 103 - Course was directly equated to UK’s BIO 103

BIO1--- to BIO4--- - Course has been evaluated to Biology departmental credit at a specific level.

GEED1--- to GEED4--- - Course has been evaluated to general elective credit at a specific level but not in a UK department.

GEEDTECH - Course was equated to general elective technical credit.

NEEDEVAL - No current UK equivalency exists.  The course description has been sent to the appropriate department to have an equivalency established.

NEEDSYLL - The UK department has requested a course syllabus in order to determine the appropriate UK equivalency. Students should supply this information to the Transfer Center in Room 11 of the Funkhouser Building.

The following Course tags may be attached to course equivalencies on the UK transcript to show what UK Core (GenEd) have been met:

AH HUM or UKC HUM = UK Core Humanities

NS NPM or UKC NPM = UK Core Natural, Physical, and Mathematical Sciences

SB SCC or UKC SSC = UK Core Social Sciences

AH ACR or UKC ACR = UK Core Arts & Creativity

WR CC1 or UKC CC1 = UK Core Composition & Communications I

WR CC2 or UKC CC2 = UK Core Composition & Communications II

QR QFO or UKC QFO = UK Core Quantitative Reasoning

QR SIR or UKC SIR = UK Core Statistical Inferential Reasoning

SB CCC or UKC CCC = UK Core Community, Culture & Citizenship in the USA

SB GDY or UKC GDY = UK Core Global Dynamics

Students wishing to appeal for transfer courses to count in the UK Core may visit for more information.

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