Advising Network Announcements

Students with Athletics Holds

The registrar prevents anyone associated with athletics from dropping courses.  Athletes must go through their counselor and others must go through the compliance office. Compliance will approve the drop and process the drop; students cannot drop the classes themselves.  Brittany Mullins is the Compliance Coordinator. She may be reached at 257-8604 or

Disability Resource Center Deadline for Accommodations Letters for Spring 2018

The Disability Resource Center will not write accommodation letters for students for the Spring semester 2018 after Wednesday, 11 April, due to the need for reasonable notice in time to schedule final exams.

New updates to the Course Planning and Registration features in myUK GPS

The Application Guide for myUKGPS was updated early last week with the features released on March 15.
Here is the link to the application guide as well as the summary of the updates.

New updates to the Course Planning and Registration application as of March 2018 include:


• Improved grouping and organization in the app menu

Request for Digital Resources: Online Transfer Advising

The Transfer Advisors from the Office of Undergraduate Admission - Transfer will be piloting online appointment opportunities for prospective students throughout the country beginning Fall 2018. In order to facilitate this method of advising, the Transfer Office is requesting digital versions of up-to-date materials from the 12 undergraduate academic colleges.

NRE 390.003 Environmental Education

This course will provide students with persuasive theories and strategies for mass and interpersonal communication applied to environmental concerns, similar to public service campaigns. Students will also learn to use social media and marketing campaigns to identify, understand, and communicate with target audiences to gain support, inspire action, and ultimately achieve their environmental goal. This course is highly interactive, with the majority of the grade based on projects, discussions, and class participation.

NRE 390.002 Kentucky Master Naturalist

This course will provide students with a solid foundation for serving as part of a community of well-informed citizen volunteers with the goal of advancing education, research, and outreach efforts dedicated to the conservation and management of Kentucky's natural resource areas. Upon successful completion of the course, students will become certified Kentucky Master Naturalists (KYMN). During the course, students will volunteer a minimum of 40 hours with a local organization focused on natural resource conservation and management.

NRE 390.001 Intro to Urban and Community Forestry

This course will introduce students to core concepts related to urban and community forests. It seeks to provide a solid foundation in how trees in cities function, how they benefit communities, and how they can be better supported. This course will consist of an introduction to urban forests plus four modules: (1) Trees and tree health, (2) green infrastructure, planning, and design, (3) environmental education, and (4) urban forest impacts on health and wellness.

CHE 103 - UK Core & Summer 2018

CHE 103 (Chemistry for Health Professionals) was recently approve to be a UK Core (Natural, Physical, and Mathematical Sciences) course starting Summer 2018.

Fall 2018 Undergraduate Courses in Anthropology

Please see the attached for all Anthropology Undergraduate courses for Fall 2018.

ANT 104 First Year Seminar: Culture, Health, and Development is restricted to students in the Fall 2018 cohort.

There will be three special topics courses:
ANT 351 Special Topics in Archaeology: South American Archaeology
ANT 353 (section 001) Special Topics in Physical/Biological Anthropology: Human Skeletal
ANT 353 (section 002) Special Topics in Physical/Biological Anthropology: Nutritional Anthropology