Appointment Scheduling

ASK Appointment Scheduling

Advising units across campus utilize the ASK (Appointment Scheduling and Kiosk) scheduling and appointment information system.

The Appointment Scheduler feature is located under the myInfo tab on student view of myUK; under Advising Services tab>Appointment Scheduler in advisor view.

ASK offers several key features to students and advisors:

  • Students can book themselves into appointments; advisors can schedule students into appointment slots
  • Can be set up to send confirmation and reminder e-mails to students
  • Also allows for updating of appointment information and generation of reports
  • Units with swiping kiosks can ask students to swipe in for the appointment, thus triggering an e-mail to the advisor alerting them to the student’s arrival.

Gaining Advisor Access to ASK

In order to have access to the ASK system and advisor must have completed their Statement of Responsibility and have advising roles within the myUK website. Your department should be able to assist you with completing this process. Once you have access to the myUK website and have been assigned your advising roles the ASK Advising Administrator for your department can add you to the ASK system and submit a request with the UKIT Service Desk to request that you be granted the ASK Scheduling System Roles.

Advisor Overview

The Advisor Administrator for each college is responsible for training advisors on the use of the system due to the particular processes used by each college. A general overview of the process is available in the Help Desk ASK Reference Manual, available in the ASK Application SharePoint Document Library, which publically available at

ASK Components:

  • Appointment Scheduler
    • for students
    • for advisors
  • Appointment Manager (for advisors and administrative staff)
  • Kiosk (Optional Swipe reader component)

Access to the application:

Access to the application for both students and advisors is through the myUK portal.

Student Appointment Scheduler:

For access:

  1. Sign into myUk
  2. Click on the Student Services tab
  3. Click on the myInfo page
  4. Click on the myAppointments link

Scheduling an appointment:

  • Choose your department from the list of departments displayed. 
  • Choose a category of appointment you wish to schedule from the list displayed. These will vary depending on the advising department chosen.
  • Click an available day on the calendar. Available days are in BLUE.
  • A list of available appointment blocks will be displayed for the selected day. Mouse over and click on the desired appointment.
  • Please wait till the appointment window has finished processing and the confirmation message is displayed.
  • The appointment block will now display with a grey background color. This indicates that the appointment has been scheduled. Do not click on the red delete button that is displayed unless you wish to cancel your appointment.
  • You will receive a confirmation email.

IMPORTANT points about appointment scheduling:

  • Advising and Academic Consultation departments: Students should choose an advising department based on their major. Academic consultation departments should be chosen if a student is looking for a specific academic service such as signing up for an appointment with a Career Advisor in the Stucker Career Center.
  • Students do not choose an advisor unless advising/consultation department allows such choice.
  • Students choose from Appointment categories
    • Custom for each department
    • Custom for each student: students see what they are eligible to see based on major, classification and holds.
    • Priority registration categories are limited to primary advisor for that student.

Cancelling an appointment:

  • Choose your department from the list of departments displayed. 
  • Your upcoming appointment(s) will be listed on top of the page where you select appointment categories, under the title Your Appointments. These scheduled appointment(s) will have a grey background and an associated red button marked with an X (for canceling the appointment).
  • Click on the red deletebutton to cancel the appointment.
  • You will be asked to confirm or cancel the delete operation.
  • Please wait till the page has finished processing and the confirmation message is displayed.
  • The appointment will now disappear from the listing “Your Appointments”. This indicates that your appointment has been cancelled.
  • You will receive an email confirming your appointment cancellation.

IMPORTANT points about appointment cancellation:

  • Custom time limit per department for cancelling. Student will get a message saying they cannot cancel an appointment if it is within the time frame when cancellation is not allowed.
    • Additional info such as screen captures very helpful and important

Advisor Appointment Scheduler and Manager:

  1. Sign into myUk
  2. Click on Student Administration tab
  1. Click on the Advising Services sub-tab
  1. Click on the Appointment Scheduler or Appointment Manager links :

Appointment Scheduler: for scheduling or cancelling appointments or workshop enrollments.

Appointment Manager: for managing system users, roles, scheduling availability and reporting.​

To link your ASK Appointments with your Outlook calendar:


Other Scheduling Methods

Some advising units and student organizations utilize other platforms to coordinate scheduling of appointments, workshops, and other events. 

For example, some utilize Google Docs or Yahoo! Groups to collaborate, sign up to attend events, and take care of a variety of other administrative tasks.


In some instances, a series of brief e-mail exchanges may suffice for getting a student appointment scheduled or at a minimum, to make a referral to walk-ins. If this approach is taken, it is important that both parties provide as much information about their availability is possible. For instance, when setting an appointment via e-mail, it helps to ask the student to provide you with (or to provide on the front end) multiple dates and time frames that might work. Simply saying, “can you come in at 2 tomorrow?” will typically do little more than set off a lengthy e-mail exchange.

Also, with regard to e-mail, sometimes a student will contact an advisor with a complex question or issue that necessitates a face-to-face appointment. Advisors should recognize these e-mails as an opportunity to get the student scheduled to come in and meet in-person.

Appointment Availability

No matter what scheduling platform your unit utilizes or what methods you might employ to get students scheduled to meet with you, it is critical to maximize appointment availability.

Some advisors may keep the same general appointment availability, while others choose to set out more appointments during times of heavier traffic, such as priority registration advising.

To increase the likelihood students can and will engage with you, make sure you are making yourself available as much as possible!