Recruitment and University Orientations

AHEAD at UK (Home School Day)

What: UK hosts an Annual Home Education Appreciation Day (AHEAD@UK) for homeschooled students. Designed for homeschooled juniors and seniors and their families, this event allows attendees to learn about the UK experience and hear from graduates of homeschooling who have thrived on our campus. The Office of Enrollment Management offers a campus tour, advising meetings, information sessions (generally on scholarships, financial aid, Honors, Education Abroad, Living-Learning, etc.), a student panel and a meal.

Where: UK Campus. Specific time for Colleges to meet with these students is arranged by the Office of Admission.

When: July/August

Set up/What to expect: Arrangements will be made with each College by the Admission Office representative in charge of the event regarding how many students/parents they can expect, as well as the majors the students are interested in, and what time they will arrive to meet with advisors.

Advisor’s Role: Fielding questions from students/parents, sharing information about your major(s), and other information specific to your College.

Preparation: Be prepared with information on the majors the students have expressed an interest in, as well as scholarship information, opportunities for involvement, etc. 

Come See Blue for Yourself

What: CSBFY is a recruitment event that targets college-bound diversity and under-represented high school senior and junior students.

Where: Singletary Center for the Arts

When: October through February. Dates are emailed out by Emmett "Buzz" Burnam, Director of Diversity Undergraduate Student Recruitment, 12B Funkhouser Bldg.

Set up: Department and college tables should be set up no later than 11:00; table set up typically includes recruitment materials, flyers, pamphlets, and freebies (i.e. pens, candy). Check with your department to see if you are responsible for bringing and setting up supplies to your table. Some departments utilize student ambassadors to assist with this event. The Admissions Office staff assigns tables and a pop-up banner displaying each department/college name will be behind each table.

What to expect: High school students will begin entering the Singletary Center around 9:30. Expect a lot of students in a short period of time—typically there are around 500-700 students per CSBFY. Students usually have basic questions such as program requirements, what college houses a particular major, and pre-professional information. The Admissions presentation begins at 10:30 and the college fair concludes at that time.

Advisor’s Role: Answering questions and providing information about the advisor’s college and majors

Preparation: Find out if your table materials are already there or if you are responsible for transporting them to the Singletary Center. Walk around the tables before students arrive to have an idea of where different departments are located in case you refer a student to another table.


KY Collegians Day & BCTC Transfer Day

What: Kentucky Collegians Day is an annual event that recognizes the academic achievements of some of the top high school seniors in the region, while giving them a chance to explore some of the great opportunities available to them at UK. The event is sponsored by the UK Office of Undergraduate Admission and University Registrar. 

Where: Main Building & Lexington Convention Center

When: Typically November or December; Individual college presentations begin at 2:45 pm at the Main Building with dinner starting at 5:30 pm at the Lexington Convention Center

Who: During this event, students are able to converse with faculty and staff and have questions answered about the opportunities available to them at UK. Faculty representing UK’s Council of Endowed Professors and Chairs, as well as current Singletary Scholars and other UK staff from all of UK’s colleges and other areas such as Education Abroad, the BS/BA/MD Program, Undergraduate Research, and the Chellgren Center for Undergraduate Excellence, each host a table of students and their families during a dinner.

What to expect: Two hundred plus students from various states around the region take part in this event.

Advisor’s Role: Attendance might be requested by your College.



UK Transfer Day at BCTC

What: BCTC hosts a “Transfer Day” to connect their students with information about how to transfer to UK. Colleges and departments are available to answer questions and provide information about their specific programs and admissions requirements.

Where: Bluegrass Community and Technical College, Cooper Campus. Specific time and room details are emailed out by the Transfer Center.

For UK Employees with an E lot pass, parking is available between the BCTC Cooper Campus and Commonwealth Stadium.

When: Fall semester

Set up: Each college/department has a table for recruitment materials. Table materials typically include recruitment materials, flyers, pamphlets, and freebies (i.e. pens, candy). The Admissions Office staff assigns tables and a pop-up banner displaying each department/college name will be behind each table.

What to expect: Students will filter through the tables between classes. There usually is a good showing of non-traditional students. Expect questions related to how many years it will take to complete your program should they decide to transfer with the associate’s degree.

Advisor’s Role: Fielding questions from students, sharing information about the program that you represent.

Preparation: Find out if you are responsible for transporting table materials to BCTC. If you are representing a college, it is helpful to be knowledgeable about transfer equivalency between BCTC and UK.



See Blue U Preview Nights

What: In the fall, the UK Office of Admissions recruiters, along with representatives from student services areas and the individual colleges, travel across the state and surrounding regions

(OH, MO, GA, IN, IL, VA, TN) to recruit prospective students to UK. 

Where: Each Preview Night is held in a large open meeting space at a hotel, convention center, or similar location. 

When: Late August through mid-October

Who: Colleges may have a recruiter who attends most/all of these events. College Ambassadors and Advisors also attend to provide information, tell of their experiences, and generate excitement in prospective students! This is done informally as the attendees visit each of the college tables to talk with college staff.

Preparation: The Office of Enrollment Management will transport all the colleges’ recruitment materials and equipment from one event to the next for the entire cycle of Preview Nights. Each college must get their materials to Enrollment Management prior to the beginning of the cycle. These may include brochures, business cards, electronic equipment, the college’s tablecloth, giveaway items like pens, pencils, candy, etc. 

Transportation: Enrollment Management provides round-trip transportation by bus (travel coach) for each event. Each college notifies Enrollment Management prior to the cycle to let them know how many representatives will be using this transportation for each Preview Night. The bus trip includes a stop for supper. All UK employees are responsible for their own food expense. Student representatives can be reimbursed for meals if they provide an itemized receipt. Individuals may choose to drive themselves rather than take the bus. 

Set Up: Individual tables are provided for each of the colleges and for the various student services such as Financial Aid, Housing, Academic Enhancement, etc. Prospective students and their parents begin arriving about 45 minutes prior to the publicized starting time of the event. During this opening time, they first register, then visit the various tables in the room to learn more about colleges, majors offered, and student services. When the formal presentation by Enrollment Management begins, prospective students and their families move to the presentation room and are seated for a 30-minute information session about UK, Admissions, scholarships, when to apply, and other details. Usually there are student ambassadors and alumni who speak about their experiences at UK as well. After the formal presentation, everyone is invited to continue to browse the tables and ask any questions they might still have. Each Preview Night lasts about 2 ½ hours total.



See Blue U Orientations

General Information

(859) 257-3256

A See Blue U Orientation is when students who are new to UK, or returning after an absence, register for classes for the upcoming semester. Attending an Orientation is mandatory for all new students. Students register for an Orientation through the Office of Enrollment Management, which sends registration instructions with each acceptance letter. At the orientation, students receive general information from the Office of Enrollment Management, and from their academic college, then meet with an advisor to discuss their specific program and select classes. Each student leaves with a completed schedule.

Orientation Types

See Blue U Orientations in the summer

Summer orientations take place from mid-June to mid-July and allow new students or students returning after an absence to register for the upcoming Fall semester. There are three types of orientations, each designed to serve a specific type of student:

  • Freshman: This is a two day event including programming for both students and parents about opportunities available at UK, ways to make the most of the college experience, student transitions, and student success. On day two, students meet with their advisor s to plan and schedule classes while parents receive separate programming.
  • Transfer: This one day orientation welcomes transfer students to UK, provides an overview of UK policies and procedures, and allows time for transfer students to meet with an advisor and register for classes.
  • Readmission: This one day orientation updates students returning from UK after an absence on UK policies and procedures and allows time for readmitted students to meet with an advisor and register for classes.
    • Non-Degree: Non-degree students are invited to attend the Readmission orientation, though they are not required to do so, and they may or may not have previously attended UK. Since Non-Degree students are not pursuing a degree from UK, many do not have a curriculum to follow but rather choose courses for personal interest or professional development, or choose courses that will transfer to an institution where they do plan to earn a degree. 

Merit Weekend

Merit weekend is held three times, usually in March, and is a See Blue U Orientation for exceptional students who are granted an opportunity to register for Fall classes before the summer orientations. Students who have qualified for a top level scholarship (ACT 28/SAT 1250 + 3.3 GPA, GSP/GSA, or Parker Scholar) are invited to attend programming on a Friday afternoon and Saturday that concludes with an advisor meeting and course registration.

November See Blue U Orientation

The November orientation is for all categories of new students enrolling for the Spring semester. It is a one day orientation with a short program regarding UK policies and procedures, followed by an advisor meeting and course registration.

Summer I and Summer II See Blue U Orientations

The Summer I orientation is typically the day prior to the start of the Summer I session. It is for newly admitted degree-seeking, non-degree and visiting students. It is a one day orientation with a short program regarding UK policies and procedures, followed by an advisor meeting and course registration.

The Summer II orientation is typically the day prior to the start of the Summer II session. It is for newly admitted degree-seeking, non-degree and visiting students. It is a one day orientation with a short program regarding UK policies and procedures, followed by an advisor meeting and course registration. Degree seeking students continuing to the fall would need to meet again with their advisor to register for the Fall term.

Opening-of-Term See Blue U Orientations

These conferences are held just before the semester begins, are one day conferences, and also result in an advisor meeting and course registration.

See Blue U Orientation for International Students.

The International student orientation is typically held the Friday before each semester and is for degree and non-degree seeking international students. This orientation is held as part of a larger week- long program done by the Office of International Affairs. The orientation consists primarily of an advising meeting and course registration. 

Freshman/Transfer Orientation

Typically held the Monday before a semester begins, new freshman and transfer students receive a short program regarding UK policies and procedures, meet with an advisor, and register for courses.

Readmit/Non-Degree Orientation

Typically held the Tuesday before a semester begins, readmitted students and non-degree students (optional) receive a short program regarding UK policies and procedures, meet with an advisor, and register for courses

Late Registration

New students must attend a See Blue U Orientation in order to register for classes. Late registration is available for returning students.

Advisor Preparation

  • Colleges receive a list of confirmed attendees prior to the dates of the orientations. For students arriving with prior coursework, advisors should check transcripts for completed transfer equivalencies, AP credit, placement testing, or other relevant information.
  • For students arriving with prior credit, equivalencies may not be received prior to the Advising Conference. Students should be instructed to send final transcripts, AP scores, or updated ACT/SAT scores. If work has been received but not equated (listed as NEEDEVAL) refer students to the Transfer Equivalency office for assistance.
  • Find out if you are responsible for escorting students from the University presentation to your college presentation, or if an escort will be provided.

The following resources may be useful to an advisor in assisting students who are new to UK:

Visitor Center & College Recruiting

What: Prospective students and their families may arrange a campus visit through the Visitor Center. A campus visit regularly includes an information session with an Admissions representative, and a campus tour. Students may request meetings with the college/major of their choice. The Visitor Center has the name of a contact person for each college on campus, and will work with that college to set up an appointment for the student and his/her family. Other activities often requested are attendance in a class, tours of the facilities used by the intended major, and meetings with representative students in the major. If these are requested well in advance (the Visitor Center recommends at least two weeks in advance), most colleges will try to accommodate the request.

Advisor’s Role: If you as an advisor receive a request directly from a prospective student for a campus visit, you may wish to refer them to the Visitor Center to schedule a more comprehensive day’s visit to UK.

When: Year-round, though peak times are in March and October

Where: Visitor Center

Main Bldg,, Plaza Level

(859) 257-3595


College-Specific Recruiting Events

Individual colleges participate in recruitment events other than those organized by the Office of Admissions. For example, the College of Fine Arts attends college day at the Youth Performing Arts School in Louisville. The College of Communication & Information recruits at debate events. The College of Engineering has its Engineering Day for high school students to attend on campus. Other colleges have major-specific events as well.

Some colleges have recruiters on staff who organize or attend these functions. In other colleges, the advisors have a role. Advisors should check with their Director or Dean to learn more about any college-specific recruitment events.