Show us your Science! -- RFP for Science Outreach Activities

Do you have a great science outreach activity that highlights your field of study?

We’d like to see it demonstrated at UK’s “Preparing Science Professionals: A Symposium for Finding Direction in a Changing World” (PSP) during our Science Café session to be held at 7:30 pm Friday, Sept. 29 — an “Official Outreach Activity” of the University of Kentucky.

Best of all, there’s no need to redesign/rework your demonstration – just keep in mind that our participants will be high school juniors through post-doctoral fellows; so, you get to “talk science” about the practical applications of your research.  

Our objective?  Demonstrating how research conducted at the University of Kentucky impacts the public.  

Exhibitors will be housed in the classrooms of Jacobs Science Building (JSB) with access to UK's free WiFi, electricity, classroom chairs and tables. Demonstrations need to be crafted in such a manner that personal protective equipment (PPE) and fume hoods are not required, as the event takes place in JSB classrooms. Exhibitors will need to bring any specialty equipment needed to run the demonstration.


How can you participate?

          * Respond by Noon, Sept. 21 to this quick Request for Proposals (RFP):

          * Ask your Research Advisor for help with the RFP for the Science Café. Because of limited space and an emphasis on reaching a wide audience, demonstrations must:

                   - Clearly show how the research directly impacts the public;

                   - Engage a wide range of participants (high school juniors through post-doctoral fellows); and

                   - Be as interactive as possible

          * Register to attend, because your presence will create an opportunity to influence our present and future students.  Here’s the link:

          * Forward this e-mail to all of your colleagues!

Recommended reading:

          Here’s a narrative/description of both the Science Café and the optional Networking Reception:

          An annotated agenda is here:

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