Ion Torrent™

Ion Torrent™ sequencing on the Ion Personal Genome Machine (PGM) allows acquisition of up to 4 million single‑end reads in just 2 hours.  With read lengths of up to 300 bp, Ion Torrent™ is suitable for:

Microbial genome sequencing

Targeted resequencing

Amplicon sequencing

eDNA sequencing

Transcriptome analysis


microRNA sequencing

AGTC can perform all sequencing steps starting from library preparation to sequence acquisition.  If desired, we can also provide clients with recommended library preparation protocols so they can construct libraries in their own laboratory.  AGTC offers the following library preparation services:

Genomic shotgun (also ChIPseq and bisulfite-treated DNA)

Genomic paired-end


normalized cDNA

note: All libraries, except paired end libraries can be barcoded to allow multiplexing on a single chip.

Standard bioinformatic services:  Each Ion TorrentTM run comes with standard bioinformatic services as follows:

Genome sequencing:

            Genome assembly and/or alignment to a reference genome


            Transcript assembly and/or alignment to a reference genome


            Alignment of reads to a reference genome

Barcoded libraries

            Complimentary deconvolution of multiplexed samples

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