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UK College of Agriculture


454 Sequencing

Life Technologies

Ion TorrentTM Sequencing

Center for Structural Biology

The Center for Structural Biology provides services and equipment needed for the production and characterization of proteins used by the research community of the University of Kentucky. Protein production equipment includes equipment used in bacterial, yeast, insect and mammal cell culture, cell cracking devices, and automated chromatography systems for use in protein and peptide purification.

Microarray Core Facility

The UK Microarray Core Facility provides services and equipment including the Affymetrix GeneChip, Bioinformatic services, the Roche LightCycler 480 Real-Time PCR system, and the NanoString Technologies nCounter System.    


Vendor of AGTC's ABI3730 capillary electrophoresis sequencer and 9700 gold-plated 96-well thermalcyclers. A company that regularly goes the extra mile for us in customer support as well as equipment pricing, despite being one of the largest corporations in the world.

Genomic Solutions (a.k.a. GeneMachines)

Vendor of AGTC's HiGro microplate shaking incubator and Hydroshear DNA shearing device. Now a subsidiary of Harvard Biosciences, this company and its partners specialize in innovative approaches to the equipment needs of high-throughput microbiology labs and cores.


Vendor of AGTC's QPixII colony-picking/macroarraying robot and QFill2 microplate liquid dispenser. Very well engineered machines and recently improved customer service, although we've found the interfaces to be lacking. Originally based in England, Genetix has been migrating operations to the US and branching out into the molecular biology kits and reagents market.

Applied Biosystems (a.k.a. ABI)

Vendor of AGTC's 9700 gold-plated 96-well thermalcyclers. Partnered with Celera Genomics under the Applera conglomerate, Applied Biosystems is vast in both Products/Services and market share.


Vendor of AGTC's Quadra-Stor robotic-accessible shaking microplate incubator, Tomtec is a relatively small, well-established company focusing on automated liquid handling.