Q: What kinds of questions will my child be asked?

A: We will be asking about your child's personality, his/her beliefs about the effects of drinking alcohol, smoking, and of dieting and being thin, and his/her involvement in any drinking, smoking or eating disordered behaviors.

Q: Who will see my child's responses?

A: Your child's responses will be strictly confidential: neither teachers, nor parents, nor other students will have access to your child's responses.

Q: How often will my child be asked to answer these questions?

A: Each child will complete a set of questionnaires twice a year through spring of 8th grade.

Q: Why is my child being asked these questions?

A: The educational goal of the questionnaires is to stimulate discussion about healthy choices as students begin to face the adolescent world. NIH-funded researchers will use the findings to train our teachers, counselors, and school officials about how best to respond to the increased risk for addictive behaviors early adolescents face. Thus, students will benefit from the very latest adavances in our understanding of risk and in how to promote healthy behavior.