Handshake FAQs: Student

Student Information

Who can use Handshake?

Currently enrolled University of Kentucky students and UK alumni are eligible.

Only UK students and alumni may participate in on-campus recruiting.

Why should I use Handshake?

Handshake users have the ability to explore job, co-op and internship opportunities.  The platform adapts to meet your needs, pushing out customized information that is relevant and timely based on your career interests, experiences and major.  

You can apply for jobs, see relevant career articles, sign up for events and on-campus interviews. You can submit your list of experiences in the systems as well.

How do I access Handshake as a currently registered student?

All currently registered students have an account already created for you within Handshake.

Visit the Handshake login page

Select UK Link Blue login option

Use your Link Blue ID and password in order to login

Profile and Qualifications

My class year is incorrect; how can I change it?

In your Accounts tab, update your “School Year” field, and make your selection from the dropdown menu.

How do I add my GPA(s) to my profile?

The GPA fields are locked and your cumulative GPA data has been imported from myUK into your profile. You can elect to make your GPA public (viewable by employers) if you unclick “hide from employer” in your account profile.

Why can’t I add my minor(s)?

Minors are not yet available to be added into your profile. They can be incorporated in job search documents such as resumes or transcripts. Employers do not screen for candidates based on minor so this will not change your eligibility for any opportunity posted on Handshake.

I’m being blocked from applying for a job because of my qualifications (major, GPA) What can I do?

Any student who has access to Handshake can apply for any job in Handshake, regardless of qualifications. While no one is ever blocked from applying, you may not necessarily be fully qualified based on items such as major, GPA etc. However, you may see a system message that indicates you are missing a qualification. Please note that this will not stop you from submitting your application for any opportunity.


Can I save a search and have new results emailed to me?

You may save searches by going to the job posting module in Handshake.  After selecting criteria, click on the “+” button next to “Saved Searches.”  Name your saved search by giving it a title you will remember.  Once it is saved, you can go back to it selecting “Saved Searches” and search for the title. Unfortunately, no results can be emailed to you, but we encourage you to go into Handshake regularly to refresh the saved search.

Handshake provides a visual tutorial on how to save a search in their help module

How do I upload my resume, transcript, cover letter or document?

Click Documents on the left hand Navigation Bar

In the right hand corner, click “Add New Document”

Type Document Name

Select type from the drop-down option

Drag and drop a PDF/Word or select a file from below

Click Add document button

Handshake does provide a visual tutorial on how to upload a document

What if I have other questions?

Visit Handshake's Help Center for answers to Handshake-related questions