Choosing a major

Choosing a major can feel like an overwhelming task. There are dozens of options available to you—how do you know which one to pick? The great news is that in today's workplace, your major no longer defines you or pigeonholes you into just one career path. Your options are widely varied within any one major, so you don't have to feel like you're deciding your whole future when you declare your major.

The University of Kentucky has many resources available to help you choose a major that's a great fit for you.

 Click here for an overview of career/major decision-making model

What Can I Do With a Major In...?

This is a convenient website that helps you connect majors with careers. For each major that interests you, you can find an outline of common career areas, typical employers, and strategies designed to maximize career opportunities. Click here to begin exploring!


At the Stuckert Career Center, we have numerous resources in the Katherine Kemper Career Library for your use. We also have online tools to assist you in researching your potential majors. These include:

  1. Vault - FREE to UK students from this site! Do employer research, download FREE career e-books, read internship reviews, search job postings and more!

  2. - watch informational videos of industry professionals talking about their careers.


Meet With A Career Advisor

A Career Advisor can also assist you in exploring the possibilities of your major. To meet with a career advisor come to drop-ins Tuesday - Thursday 11:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

Your academic advisor may have some insight as well, so check with him/her. If you're currently in Undergraduate Studies, the academic advisors in Miller Hall are wonderful resources for information and advice.

What Careers or job titles are related to my major?

In today's workplace, you're not limited to just a handful of careers by your major. As you'll discover in the resources below, any major naturally lends itself to dozens of fields and possible careers. You can research the most popular career paths of people who've chosen your major, and you can strategize about how to get where you want to be by utilizing the skills and concepts you're learning, no matter what major you've chosen.

If you want individualized assistance with this process you can meet with a Career Advisor during drop-in hours Tuesday - Thursday 11:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. In addition to exploring the links below, you may also want to think about shadowing a professional to see what a day on the job is like.


SIGI-3 (System of Interactive Guidance and Information)


SIGI-3 is a self-paced computer program which covers all major aspects of career planning and career decision making. SIGI-3 can help you assess your work-related values, interests, and skills. First you will enter your work-related preferences, then SIGI-3 will search its built-in library and find those careers that most closely match your preferences. You can also search for careers related to your major. Additional information on employment outlook, salary ranges, and detailed descriptions of careers is included in the database. Don't hesitate to make an appointment to discuss your results with a career advisor.

How to log in?

You must have a Link Blue account to login to SIGI-3. Once you get to the SIGI-3 login screen, register as a new user. When you re-access the site, use your ID and password to use the information that you entered before.



Vault is an online research tool that allows you to look into thousands of different occupations, learn more about employers, look for jobs, and gather lots of job search information—all in one place! Click on Get Your Password Now and enter your email address. A password will be emailed to you within seconds!

Occupational Outlook Handbook


The OOH is a great resource to do research on jobs, what the average salaries are, the job market in various parts of the country, and how to get to the job you want to have.

Employer Research


It's very important to learn about a company, its culture, and its mission to help you determine if it would be a good fit for you, and to learn what opportunities it might offer you. Before an interview, it's useful to do research on a company in order to enter the interview informed and prepared to answer questions that relate to the company. You can use Vault and Wildcat CareerLink to assist you in your research, in addition to checking out the company's own website.

Informational Interviews

Informational interviews are a great way to learn about a career field, a particular company, as well as meet professionals and build your network. The purpose of an informational interview is to gain information and insights directly from professionals in the career field you find interesting while making important contacts for your network. Informational interviews can be conducted in person, over the phone, or via email. You can also view videos of professionals talking about their careers at

There are many ways that you can identify professionals willing to do an informational interview with you. Log into Wildcat CareerLink to do an employer search by industry and find an individual contact at the company, talk to your career counselor, attend a career fair, ask your friends and family — these are excellent ways to find someone!