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Food Safety Update

Produce Best Practices Training (PBPT) replaces current GAP Training

The previous GAP curriculum has been updated and now includes some of the basic principles of the Food Safety Modernization Act as well as other updates. Eventually everyone who trained in GAP previously will need to retrain in PBPT. The timeline for retraining requirements go like this:

Now-01/2019 – Many agents will begin offering PBPT to their cleints. Old GAP diplomas are still valid for Sampling Certificates.

January 2019—All new trainings will be PBPT. Old GAP diplomas are still valid for Sampling Certificates.

January 2020All growers needing food safety training should have gone through the updated PBPT training. Note this includes those who previously completed GAP training. Old GAP diplomas are no longer valid for Sampling Certificates. Growers must complete PBPT to get sampling certificates.

Contact your local office for upcoming trainings!


Food Safety Modernization Act 

As many of you know, this piece of legislation starts rolling out within the next year. We know many of you are unsure whether this will apply to your farm. As a start, complete the FSMA Tool to find out how the FSMA Produce Safety Rule will affect you. If you have neighbors who don't use computers, you can show them a printed copy of this flowchart. If you have questions about FSMA, feel free to contact Dr. Paul Vijayakumar, or (859)257-1546.


Third-Party GAP

This is a buyer-driven requirement that mostly applies to wholesale and other larger producers. If your buyer asks for a GAP Audit or GAP Certification, this is what they mean. Bryan Brady ( is the Cultivate Kentucky Senior Extension Associate, and has a special focus in providing on-farm support and guidance for growers considering a Third-Party audit. All our Third-Party GAP resources will be available online here from now on.

There is also a hands-on training in Third-Party GAP available from UK Cooperative Extension. Training opportunities are announced through the FSIC website. Contact Dr. Vijayakumar ( for questions. 


Download printable version of this update.