Comparative Decision Making Studies

Analysis and Decision Support Tools

"Nothing is more difficult, and therefore more precious, than to be able to decide." -- Napoleon Bonaparte


The following papers have been published from the CDMS projects. They are organized in reverse chronological order by College/Department/Author.

College of Agriculture

Department of Agricultural Economics

Helen Pushkarskaya

Pushkarskaya, Helen, Michael Smithson, Xun Liu, and Jane E. Joseph. (2010). "Neuroeconomics of Environmental Uncertainty and the Theory of Firm."In Neuroeconomics and the Firm, Mellani Day, Angela Stanton, and Isabell Welpe (Eds.), Edward Elgar Publishing, United Kingdom.

Pushkarskaya, Helen. (2010). "Nonpoint source water pollution control: incentives theory approach."VDM Publishing House, Germany.

Pushkarskaya, Helen, and Maria Marshall. (2010). "Family Structure, Policy Shocks, and Family Business Adjustment Choices." Forthcoming in the special issue of the Journal of Family and Economic Issues.

Pushkarskaya, H., X. Liu, M. Smithson, J. Joseph. (2010).  "Beyond risk and ambiguity: Deciding under ignorance."Cognitive Affective and Behavioral Neurocsience, 10 (2): 382-391.

Pushkarskaya, Helen and Dmitry Vedenov. (2010). "How Internet Penetration into Rural Communities Changes Demographics of Rural Entrepreneurs."Innovative Marketing, 6(1):81-94

Pushkarskaya, Helen and Ellen Usher. (2010). "Self-Efficacy for Resolving Environmental Uncertainties Distinguishes Nascent Entrepreneurs from Non Entrepreneurs in Rural Areas." Journal of Extension, 48(1).  

Pushkarskaya, Helen, and Maria Marshall. (2009). "Lump Sum versus Annuity: Choices of Kentucky Farmers During the Tobacco Buyout Program." Journal of Agricultural and Applied Economics, 41(3): 613-624.

Pushkarskaya, Helen and Dmitry Vedenov. (2009). "Farming Exit Decision by Age Group: Analysis of Tobacco Buyout Impact in Kentucky."  Journal of Agricultural and Applied Economics, 41(3): 653-662.

Marshall, Maria, and Helen Pushkarskaya. (2008). "An analysis of tobacco farmers' buyout expenditure choices." Journal of Agribusiness, 26(2): 175-198.

Pushkarskaya, Helen. (2008). "Gender Differences in Determinants of Entrepreneurial Intentions in a Rural Setting". Innovative Marketing, 4 (1): 103-113.

Taylor, Michael A., Brent Sohngen, Alan Randall, and Helen Pushkarskaya. (2004). "Group Contracts for Voluntary Nonpoint Source Pollution Reductions: Evidence from Experimental Auctions."American Journal of Agricultural Economics, 86, 5: 1196.

Department of Animal and Food Sciences

Jeffrey Bewley

Bewley, J.M., M.D. Boehlje, A.W. Gray, H. Hogeveen, S.J. Kenyon. S.D. Eicher, M.A. Russell, and M.M. Schutz. (2010) "Stochastic simulation using @Risk for dairy business investment decisions." Agricultural Finance Review. 70:97-125.

Bewley, J.M., M.D. Boehlje, A.W. Gray, H. Hogeveen, S.J. Kenyon. S.D. Eicher, M.A. Russell, and M.M. Schutz. (2010) "Assessing the potential value for an automated dairy cattle body condition scoring system through stochastic simulation." Agricultural Finance Review. 70:126-150.

Bewley, J.M., R.E. Boyce, D.J. Roberts, M.P. Coffey, and M.M. Schutz. (2010) "Comparison of two methods of assessing dairy cow body condition score." J. Dairy Res. 77:95-98.

Bewley, J.M., R.E. Boyce, J. Hockin, L. Munksgaard, S.D. Eicher, M.E. Einstein, and M.M. Schutz. (2010) "The influence of milk yield, stage of lactation, and body condition on dairy cattle lying behavior using an automated activity monitoring sensor." J. Dairy Res. 77:1-6.

Bewley, J.M. and M.M. Schutz. (2008) "An interdisciplinary review of body condition scoring for dairy cattle." The Professional Animal Scientist. 24:507–529.

Bewley, J.M., M.E. Einstein, M.W. Grott, and M.M. Schutz. (2008) "Comparison of reticular and rectal core-body temperatures in lactating dairy cows." J. Dairy Sci. 91: 4661-4672.

Bewley, J.M., M.W. Grott, M.E. Einstein, and M.M. Schutz. (2008) "Impact of intake water temperatures on reticular temperatures of lactating dairy cows." J. Dairy Sci. 91:3880-3887.

Bewley, J.M., A.M. Peacock, O. Lewis, R.E. Boyce, D.J. Roberts, M.P. Coffey, S.J. Kenyon, and M.M. Schutz. (2008) "Potential for estimation of body condition scores in dairy cattle from digital images". J. Dairy Sci. 2008 91: 3439-3453.

Bewley, J., R.W. Palmer, and D.B. Jackson-Smith. (2001) "An overview of experiences of Wisconsin dairy farmers who modernized their operations." J. Dairy Sci. 84:717-729.

Bewley, J., R.W. Palmer, and D.B. Jackson-Smith. (2001) "A comparison of free-stall barns used by modernized dairies." J. Dairy Sci. 84:528-541.

Bewley, J., R.W. Palmer, and D.B. Jackson-Smith. (2001) "Modeling milk production and labor efficiency in modernized Wisconsin herds." J. Dairy Sci. 84:705-716.

Wagner, A., R.W. Palmer, J. Bewley, and D.B. Jackson-Smith. (2001) "Producer satisfaction, efficiency, and investment cost factors of different milking systems." J. Dairy Sci. 84:1890-1898.

College of Arts & Sciences

Department of Biology

Philip Crowley

Crowley, Philip H ., Yoriko Saeki  and Paul V. Switzer.  (2009) "Evolutionarily stable oviposition and sex ratio in parasitoid wasps with single-sex broods." Ecological Entomology, 34, 163–175.

Saeki, Yoriko, Philip H. Crowley, Charles W. Fox and Daniel A. Potter. (2009). "A sex-specific sizenumber tradeoff in clonal broods." Oikos, 118: 1552 -1560.

Crowley, Philip H. and Yoriko Saeki. (2009) "Balancing the Size-Number Tradeoff in Clonal Broods." The Open Ecology Journal, 2: 100-111.

Crowley, Philip H. and Mary K. Hart. (2007). "Evolutionary stability of egg trading and parceling in simultaneous hermaphrodites: The chalk bass revisited." Journal of Theoretical Biology, 246: 420–429.

Crowley, Philip H. (2008). "Sex allocation in simultaneous hermaphrodites: Trade-offs between sex-specific costs and lifespan." Theor Ecol l:199-208.

Hart, Mary K., Andrew W. Kratter, Anne-Marie Svoboda, Cara L. Lawrence, R. Craig Sargent and Philip H. Crowley. "Sex allocation in a group-living simultaneous hermaphrodite: effects of density at two different spatial scales." Evolutionary Ecology Research, 12: 189–202.

College of Engineering

Department of Computer Science

Judy Goldsmith

Dai, Peng and Judy Goldsmith. "Ranking Policies in Discrete Markov Decision Processes." Annals of Mathematics and Articial Intelligence, forthcoming.

Yi, Liangrong and Judy Goldsmith.  "Decision-theoretic Harmony: A First Step." International Journal of Approximate Reasoning, Special Issue on Bayesian Applications, forthcoming.

Dekhtyar, Alex, Judy Goldsmith, Beth Goldstein, Krol Kevin Mathias and Cynthia Isenhour. (2009, March).  "Planning for success: The interdisciplinary approach to building Bayesian models." International Journal of Approximate Reasoning, Volume 50, Issue 3: 416-428. (Special Section on Bayesian Modelling.)

Erdelyi, Gabor, Henning Fernau, Judy Goldsmith, Nicholas Mattei, Daniel Raible and Jörg Rothe.  "The Complexity of Probabilistic Lobbying."Proceedings of the 1st International Conference on Algorithmic Decision Theory: 2009.

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