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Mid-Semester Feedback

CELT offers a mid-semester course feedback service that can provide instructors with instructional information at a time in the academic calendar that allows them to make mid-semester course adjustments if they wish. At the request of the instructor, we can schedule a classroom visit to speak with the students in the class. We would need at least 20 minutes to gather the feedback.

At a pre-visit consultation, we will discuss with you how you think the course is going and what specific questions, if any, you would like us to pose to the students should they not raise those issues themselves. Our feedback method, a Group Instructional Feedback Technique or GIFT, works as follows. Students are asked two open-ended questions - 1) What helps you learn in this course? and 2) What suggestions do you have for changes? The items reported can pertain to any aspect of the course and not only the instructor. Students propose items to put on the lists and the lists are written on a white board. We ask the students to elaborate or give examples when necessary. Following the list construction, the students are asked to vote on each item so that the instructor gets a sense of the class consensus on the issues. The voting takes place privately on index cards and the students can add a personal comment as well. Instructor questions, if any, are then discussed.

The feedback is discussed at a post-visit meeting and a report is given to the instructor. We strongly suggest that the instructor briefly discusses the feedback activity with the students thanking them for the input and addressing, at least for a few of the more outstanding items, what will or will not be changed and why. Instructors need to use the feedback to enhance the learning environment. Students appreciate the opportunity to provide feedback and instructors find the the information to be very helpful.

This service is provided at the request of the instructor and the feedback is shared only with the instructor. You can then use the information and share it as you see fit. Information about the feedback is provided below.

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End-of-Semester Evaluations

CELT personnel are not involved in the end-of-semester evaluation process, but we can consult with you about the results and meaning of those evaluations and what actions might be taken based on the feedback.

Contact a member of the CELT staff to schedule a meeting.


"I started teaching full-time at University of Kentucky as a lecturer in August 2005. Like most young new instructors I had little teaching experience. After a roller coaster first semester I decided to do a formative mid-term evaluation. Educational developers observed me teaching, talked to my students and then met with me to provide detailed feedback. From helping me create effective syllabi to developing engaging student class activities, they have tremendously helped me become a better teacher. The consultations with the educational development staff led me to use innovative and active learning strategies in my class. The mid-term evaluation and consultation is a must for any new instructor and a good way to reflect on teaching strategies even for a seasoned one!"

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