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Using Instructional Technology to Present Course Content

Effective Presentations

Putting together an effective presentation takes time and planning. Garr Reynolds, author of Presentation Zen, provides advice at his website.


This instructional tool, if used effectively, can be a useful addition to the classroom. Beyond simply delivering text (which should be done in moderation), PowerPoint can be used in creative ways such as embedding graphics and videos, incorporating web links to YouTube and other site and posing questions that can be answered using audience response systems. Basic advice on using PowerPoint can be found at and


This is a comparatively new tool to assist with presentation of information. Go to Prezi to set up an account and watch a tutorial on how to use this tool (found in the Learn tab). Prezi is an infinite white board that can be used for presentations. It is possible to zoom in to very small text or to expand out in order to help the audience see the larger point.