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As a part of the teaching and learning umbrella of the Office of the Provost, the Center for the Enhancement of Learning and Teaching works closely with the following organizations. Together we form a cohesive unit focused on innovative designs in teaching and learning, faculty development, and student success.

  • Presentation U! is a state-of-the-art multimodal communication center offering tutoring for students and support services for faculty to increase oral, written, and visual communication competence both inside and outside of the classroom, as part of UK's Quality Enhancement Plan. Among other services, Presentation U! offers in-class workshops and power hour sessions on a variety of multimodal communication topics for students.
  • The Peer Tutoring Program at The Study offers free drop-in tutoring for many University of Kentucky (UK) core courses. Offering proactive assistance, the goal of the Peer Tutoring Program is to enhance students' academic experience as early and as often as possible.
  • The Academic Preparation and Placement (APP) program provides free placement testing for UK students and supplemental instruction for admitted students who do not meet state minimum test score requirements for college readiness to help prepare for college classes.