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Kelley Cruse

Instructional Designer  |  (859) 257-9898

Kelley Cruse has worked as an Instructional Designer in Higher Education since 2009. Within her role, Kelley leads the eLearning team as they work to design, develop and support quality learning environments. She particularly enjoys working with faculty as they develop courses for online and hybrid delivery. Kelley is inspired to work in the field of online learning and increasing the access of educational opportunities for students. Kelley has two degrees from the University of Kentucky’s College of Education - Master’s in Instructional Systems Design and a Bachelor’s in Middle School Education.


Sarah Asher

Sarah Asher

Course Designer  |  (859) 257-8239

Sarah Asher is a course designer for the Office of eLearning. She also supports many instructional technologies used for synchronous and asynchronous teaching and learning for both online and hybrid courses. Sarah consults with faculty and students in the use of instructional technology, as well as assists in troubleshooting difficulty. Prior to working for the Office of eLearning, Sarah worked as technical support in both the Learning Systems Support group and the APAT Service Center. Sarah has one degree from Eastern Kentucky University's College of Arts and Sciences - Master's in Biology, and one degree from the University of Kentucky's College of Arts and Sciences - Bachelor's in Biology.


Jackie Briscoe

Coordinator  |  (859) 257-3010

Jackie Briscoe has worked at the University of Kentucky for 34 years, starting in the Registrar’s Office and then moving to Distance Learning. She is the liaison to the Registrar’s Office for the accurate listing of distance learning courses each semester, including how and where they are delivered. She works closely with distance learning students to complete their registration and is also able to troubleshoot admission/registration/financial aid issues. Jackie compiles, coordinates and updates the interactive video course schedule for courses connected throughout Kentucky and nationwide. Jackie also compiles extensive data for reports on distance learning.


Alex Cutadean

Multimedia Specialist  |  (859) 257-4052

As a Multi-Media Specialist, Alex Cutadean assists faculty with the creation and conversion of audio/visual assets. He also contributes to the implementation of technologies within courses. Alex comes to the Office of eLearning from the horse industry where he spent 14 years creating media and implementing technologies for racing, sales, veterinary topics and horse health education. Alex initially attended Asbury University before obtaining his Bachelor's in Telecommunications from the University of Kentucky.


Buddy Hall

Educational Technology Solutions Specialist  |  (859) 257-9046

Buddy Hall specializes in various educational technology tools such as learning management and audience response systems. He enjoys working with faculty to assist them with selecting the right tools for their specific needs and maximizing the effective use of these tools by leading workshops and training seminars. Buddy received a BBA in Decision Science and Information Systems from the University of Kentucky. He is also interested in analytics and reporting as well as roller coasters, amusement parks, and themed entertainment.


Franklin Johnson

Release & Deployment Coordinator  |  (859) 257-9340

Franklin Johnson is the Release and Deployment Coordinator for academic systems. In this role, Frank coordinates the testing process of eLearning tools including evaluating the tool and determining how the tool will work with other academic systems. He also works closely with students, faculty and staff in troubleshooting issues as they arise that prevent them from using the technology. Frank has worked at the Service Desk as a second level support tech, but prior to that he completed 20+ years of military service as an Information Systems Specialist in the US Navy. Frank enjoys cooking, reading historical fiction and distance running.



Renee Kaufmann

Instructional Designer

Renee Kaufmann is an instructional designer for the Office of eLearning. Renee works with individual instructors and faculty cohorts to design and develop their courses. Prior to joining the Office of eLearning, Renee was a graduate student in the College of Communication and Information. While working for the College of Communication and Information, she developed and taught three online courses. Renee obtained her Masters degree in Communication Studies and just recently completed her Doctoral degree in Instructional Communication/Communication Technology from the University of Kentucky. 


Taylor Shelton

Instructional Designer  |  (859) 257-8642.

Taylor Shelton is an Instructional Designer with the Office of eLearning. He is responsible for helping with the development of new online degree programs and hybrid course redesigns through the university's eLearning Innovation Initiative (eLII). In addition to his role with eLearning, Taylor is a Ph.D. candidate in the Graduate School of Geography at Clark University. He holds B.A. and M.A. degrees in geography from the University of Kentucky.


Galen Stone

Instructional Designer  |  (859) 257-8218

Galen Stone is an Instructional Designer for eLearning where he oversees hybrid and online course design. Working with individual instructors and faculty cohorts, Galen provides expertise in pedagogical approaches and technology applications for designing engaging educational experiences. He also plays an integral role in the design of the eLearning website and marketing materials. Prior to joining the University of Kentucky, Galen developed interactive eLearning courses for Schneider Electric. He has a BFA in Industrial Design from the University of Kansas and a Graduate Certificate in Instructional Systems Technology from Indiana University.