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Center for Graduate and Professional Diversity Initiatives


The Center for Graduate and Professional Diversity Initiatives
Graduate Diversity Organization’s Collective (G-DOC)


The Graduate Diversity Organization’s Collective (G-DOC) was established to promote a stronger sense of shared community amongst graduate student organizations and/or graduate student groups representing and/or working explicitly around diversity initiatives.  The collective will be comprised of (but not restricted to) student organizations and/or groups representing diverse affinity groups and organizations working explicitly around diversity as it relates to graduate and professional students.  In addition, the focus of G-DOC is to encourage greater collaboration in programming efforts. All member organizations within G-DOC will stand to benefit from collaborative intergroup planning, access to programming and development funds, and increased exposure for organizational events.
G-DOC will meet with CGD leadership on a regular basis and inform the leadership and the university administration of the needs of under-represented groups, including identification of the challenges such groups encounter. It will also advise the leadership of CGD regarding the kinds of programming and services necessary to enhance the intellectual and social life of under-represented graduate students at the University of Kentucky.
In short, G-DOC seeks to:

- Encourage collaboration and communication between diverse graduate student organizations
- Enhance the leadership experience for students
- Coordinate and encourage intergroup planning
- Provide financial support for diverse student programming and development
- Address the needs of under-represented groups
- Support and promote inclusivity among all students on campus


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