Welcome to the chargeBlue website

We are here to show you the benefits of what solar panels can bring to society. Green energy is becoming an idea of the present and not of the future, but people do not have enough resources to learn about the benefits. This is what we are here to do! We hope you enjoy and learn a lot! If you wish to get more information, please do not hesitate to contact us by using our contact page!

Objectives of chargeBlue

  • To offset the carbon footprint of UK

  • Educate the public on solar chraging systems

  • Allow viewers to see how much power is produced over time

  • Display real-time data of each solar panel

  • Equate energy produced with carbon off-setting

Chargeblue In the Kentucky Kernel

"The Student Sustainability Council has been working with a design/build engineering project, called chargeBlue, which would offset some of the university’s demand for Kentucky Utilities’ coal with solar energy."

Chargeblue in the Student Sustainability Council's 2020 Vision

"The chargeBlue project aims to create an easily expandable 2.3 kilowatt net-metered photovoltaic array that feeds into the power grid, while also outputting data about the array and the power generated via a graphical interface that could be accessed on the World Wide Web."