This page is part of the Senior Design project for the Electrical and Computer Engineering department at the University of Kentucky! The Senior Design project is a year-long project with a group of six students who aim to build a Solar Array!

What are we doing?

  • Creating an easily expandable 2.3 kilowatt net-metered photovoltaic array that feeds into the power grid
  • We are outputing data about the array and the power generated via a graphical interface that could be accessed on the World Wide Web

Why are we doing it?

  • The University of Kentucky is one of the largest institutions within the state of Kentucky
  • First step to offset the carbon footprint of the university directly
  • This project will allow the university to expand the array (and thus further reduce the carbon footprint) whenever funding allows
  • Much of the power that drives the grid that the university is connected to is derived from coal, one of the most environmentally damaging sources of fuel
  • The Student Sustainability Council saw a need for an alternate means of energy production, preferably on campus; thus, with collaboration of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering's Senior Design course, chargeBlue was created

How are we doing it?

Where will we put it?

  • On the roof of the Charles E. Barnhart building!
  • See the Location section!

When will we have it done?

  • Beginning of May of 2011!

Who is responsible for it?

  • Faculty Advisor: Dr. Donald Colliver
  • Funded by the Student Government Association and the Student Sustainability Council