Student Sustainability Council
The Student Sustainability Council (SSC) was founded in 2009 and was charged with the mission of governing the funds collected from the student environmental stewardship fee . Comprised of a select board of students representing a variety of populations on campus, the SSC allocates funds for a variety of projects meant to promote sustainability on the University of Kentucky campus.
The chargeBlue project was the brainchild of the SSC; the SSC foresaw the need for some means of green energy generation in order to help power the University of Kentucky Campus. Together with Shane Tedder (the Sustainability Coordinator in the Office of Residence Life) and Dr. Donald Colliver, they came up with the idea of a solar array located on campus in order to help facilitate the University of Kentucky's move to green energy. Without the SSC, there would have never of been chargeBlue.

Student Government Association Legislative
  • Special project for Senator Hannah Lobdell
  • Grant of 2500 USD