3H Company


3H Company is a clean technology startup company with the core business of carbon capture technology development and commercialization. 3H Company developed the patented processes with proprietary solvent that captures CO2 much more efficiently than any currently available CO2 capture technologies. Based on the study by an independent engineering firm, 3H’s CO2 capture process consumes 80% less energy than industrial bench mark Monoethanolamine (MEA) aqueous solution. 3H Company’s current partners include LGE&KU Energy, American Electric Power, SaskPower, WorleyParsons, Nexant, Inc., and the University of Kentucky. The funding supports for current projects are the US Department of Energy, the Electric Power Research Institute, the National Science Foundation, and the Commonwealth of Kentucky.


Contact: Liang Hu
Phone: 757-725-1213
Email: lianghu59@yahoo.com
Address: 1500 Bull Lea Rd. Suite R1, Lexington, KY 40511