Advanced Dynamics

Advanced DynamicsAdvanced Dynamics is a high-tech firm specializing in multi-disciplinary, multi-physics, multi-scale and multi-fidelity (4M) modeling and simulation, including aeroelasticity (AE), aeroservoelasticity (ASE), aeroservothermoelasticity and propulsion (ASTE-P), as well as fluid dynamics, structural mechanics, system dynamics and control, multiphase flows and combustions.


The software tools developed by Advanced Dynamics are variable-fidelity, thus the low-to-mid fidelity has fast turn-around time for concept design, and the high-fidelity can be used for final design verification. The integrated tools can be routinely applied to realistic engineering design and physics-based real or near-real time modeling and simulation for complex aerospace systems that are commonly researched and manufactured by NASA, Navy, Air Force and Army, as well as major defense contractors such as Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Pratt Whitney, General Electric, General Dynamics and Textron, etc.


Another initiative at Advanced Dynamics is bionanotechnology. The company is interested in designing and developing novel and intelligent nanodevices for application as targeted drug delivery, biosensors, and other micro- and nanoscale applications in biomedical field. At the same time, they explore bio computational model as a means to specify cancer drug therapy, with the goal of applying the results in the clinical setting, particularly in drug delivery via nanoparticles.


Address: 1500 Bull Lea Road, Ste. 203, Lexington, KY 40511