ms2 Data Solutions

ms2 is a leading provider of software and engineering solutions for the Energy, Agro and Bulk Commodities, Mining and Minerals, Logistics and Transloading industry verticals.ms2 logo

Our industry leading software platform, CBS® is extensively leveraged for managing the entire revenue cycle of complex Phys-Ops trading operations of Energy commodities such as Coal, Oil & Gas as well as Minerals, Agro-Commodities and Bulk materials.

We also offer best in class software products for managing underground and surface mining operations that provide up to the second operational visibility for production management and tracking to asset utilization and maintenance. 

Our innovative and cost-effective products have powerful data analytics capabilities that provide real-time situational awareness that is critical in today’s economic environment. It helps our customers optimize assets, increase revenues and profitability.

At ms2 we take great pride in our growth story that has been built on a culture of delivering maximum value to our customers. Our products and solutions are almost exclusively built on an Open-Source technology stack that not only reduces total cost of ownership but eminently maintainable and scalable. Our products can be installed on-site as well as in the cloud and can be configured for anytime, anywhere access.

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Corporate Office:
1648 McGrathiana Pkwy,
Suite- 330,
Lexington, KY 40511.
Ph: (859) 455 8643
President & C.E.O: Sukhendu Barua Ph.D., P.E.
Chief Information Officer: Raj Bhattacharyya
Head of Product Innovation: Subhashis Satpathy