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Community of Concern

Welcome to UK's Community of Concern online resource and reporting system. This office is part of the University's commitment to proactively addressing issues of concern involving our students and/or employees. Our paramount concern is maintaining the safety of all members of the University community.

This effort currently takes several forms, including the following:

  • An integrated team charged with reviewing cases involving students and/or employees of concern.
  • Greater engagement of the University community with efforts to report and address issues of concern.
  • An online reporting system to ease reporting and therefore response to situations of concern.
  • Enhanced efforts to connect students, faculty and staff with the counseling and support resources when needed.


The Community of Concern adheres to the Student Affairs Case Management model as published in Student Affairs Case Management: Merging Social Work Theory with Student Affairs Practice (Adams, Hazelwood, and Hayden, 2014).  Similar to the Broker Case Management Model, The primary components of the SACM model are:

  • Assessment and Advocacy
  • Goal Setting
  • Student Empowerment
  • Collaboration Among Colleagues and Organizations


  • Taking proactive action for the safety of the campus community
  • Connecting individuals to resources
  • Creating a supporting/caring culture
  • Providing training and education
  • Providing a central point of entry for concerns of violence