Wildcat Wellness Workshops

The UKCC offers a variety of drop-in workshops held at Frazee Hall to help you be a healthier YOU at UK! ALL UK students are welcome to attend these workshops. No appointment is necessary and you do not need to be a UKCC client to attend these programs. 


Download our Fall 2017 Drop-in Workshops Flyer  


Beating Test Anxiety

This workshop is for students who prepare well for class exams but consistently receive low test scores. Low test scores may be due to many factors such as test anxiety or concetration/focus problems. The workshop facilitator will help students definite the problem and develop useful solutions. The content is the same for all sessions.

Fall 2017 Schedule:
: Frazee Hall, Room 203
Time: 1pm

  • Wednesday, October 4th
  • Tuesday, October 10th
  • Wednesday, October 11th 
  • Tuesday, November 7th
  • Wednesday, November 15th
  • Tuesday, December 5th
  • Wednesday, December 6th


Bounce Back! (Wildcat Wellness Workshop) Returning Spring 2018

This is a workshop series geared towards students learning how to manage life's disappointments and set backs with more emotional resilience and grit. These 45 minute workshops focus on factors related to resiliency such as reframing “failures”, adopting a growth mindset, accepting one’s feelings as well as life challenges, sustaining one’s health, and reflecting on one’s strengths, goals, and needs. This program includes Ted Talks and activities that are designed to enhance resiliency. Topics rotate throughout the semester. 

Location:Frazee Hall, Room 203
When: Every other Monday, 4pm  Returning Spring 2018


Expressions (Wildcat Wellness Workshop)

This 45 minute workshop is for students who want to engage in an hour of relaxing, fun, stress-lowering creative activity! 

Location: Frazee Hall, Room 114B
When: Tuesdays at 4:00 pm


Major/Career Decision Making

This workship is for students who have not picked a major, those who are struggling in their majors and those who are disinterested in their majors, and those who are having difficulty making career decisions. The workshop format is 45-50 minutes of interactive activitieis that introduce students to steps involved in making important life decisions. Students will learn more about their interests and values as well as resources to help in their decision making. The content is the same for all sessions.
Location: Frazee Hall Room 203
Time: 1pm

  • Tuesday, October 17th
  • Wednesday, October 25th
  • Tuesday, October 31st
  • Wednesday, November 8th
  • Tuesday, November 14th
  • Wednesday, November 29th


Meditation (Wildcat Wellness Workshop)

Meditating can help with focus, concentration, and overall stress management. This workshop includes guided meditations. All levels of experience are welcome. 

Location: Frazee Hall, Room 114B
When: Wednesdays at 4:00 pm   


Yoga for relaxation (Wildcat Wellness Workshop)

Yoga can help with relaxation and overall stress management. This workshop includes yoga poses and mindfulness breathing. All levels of experience are welcome. 

Location: Frazee Hall, Room 114B
When:Thursdays at 4:00 pm