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Get prepared for college with introductory Chemistry and Psychology courses.

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Advanced Chemistry

This prep course is for high school students who wish to prepare for chemistry courses at UK or elsewhere.

How to Succeed in College

This course is for high school students who want to prepare for the experiences and challenges of earning an undergraduate education..

Faculty Ownership

For the purposes of this initiative, the University has entered into an agreement with the faculty so that they retain exclusive ownership over materials that they create for the Coursera courses. The faculty are free to reuse the materials for any purpose, and they grant to the University the right to use the materials in the Coursera courses as well as for derivative uses. The agreement includes a royalty arrangement for any future licensing, if applicable, similar to the university IP policies (40% of net revenue to the creator, 20% to the department, 20% to the college and 20% to the university). If the University wishes to use a video image of the faculty independent of the course or its derivative uses, faculty permission will be require