Project List




  • Construct Tennis Facility
  • Construct/Expand/Renovate Ambulatory Care - UKHC (Department if Medicine Clinics)
  • Facilities Renewal, Modernization and Deferred Maintenance - Chemistry/Physics 3rd Floor
  • Facilities Renewal, Modernization and Deferred Maintenance - Enoch Grehan Journalism Building
  • Facilities Renewal, Modernization and Deferred Maintenance - Infrastructure
  • Improve Good Samaritan Hospital Facilities (Replace AHU #23, #24 & #54)
  • Renovate and Expand King Alumni House
  • Renovate/Expand Cooper House
  • Renovate/Expand the Dorotha Smith Oatts Visitor Center 
  • Renovate/Upgrade UK 
  • Renovate/Upgrade UK HealthCare Facilities (Phase I-I) - Endoscopy Renovation
  • Renovate/Upgrade UK HealthCare Facilities (Phase I-I) - Interventional Services
  • Renovate/Upgrade UK HealthCare Facilities (Phase I-I) - Phase 2 Radiology Services Pav A          


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  • Construct Baseball Facility
  • Construct Research Building 
  • Construct/Expand/Renovate Ambulatory Care Facility - UKHC (Warren Wright Medical Plaza - First Floor)
  • Equine Teaching Facility
  • Expand/Renovate Student Center
  • Expand/Renovate/Upgrade Law Building
  • Improve Clinical/Ambulatory Services (Radiation Medicine Linear Accelerator/Brachytherapy)
  • Renovate/Expand Clinical Services - William R. Willard Medical Education Building (College of Medicine Support Space & Library)
  • Renovate/Improve Clinical/Ambulatory Services (Otolaryngology) 
  • Renovate/Improve UK Healthcare Facilities (Simulation Center) 
  • Renovate/Upgrade UK HealthCare Facilities (Phase I-F) - Kentucky Children's Hospital NICU
  • Renovate/Upgrade Hospital Facilities - Good Samaritan Hospital ED 
  • Renovate/Upgrade UK Healthcare Facilities (Phase I-G) Pavilion A - Surgery Phase 1-3A
  • Upgrade/Renovate/Expand Research Labs - Grain Center of Excellence                     


Recently Completed


  • Construct Academic Science Building
  • Construct Football Training Facilities
  • Construct Parking Structure #2 Entrance Plaza
  • Construct Pavilion Roof Structure
  • Construct University Drive Bus Shelters
  • Construct, Expand, and Renovate Ambulatory Care Facility - UKHC (KY Clinic Medical Plaza 2nd Floor)
  • Construct/Expand/Renovate Ambulatory Care Facility - UK HealthCare (Pediatric Hematology/Oncology - Pavilion H)
  • Construct/Upgrade/Fit-up Support Services - UK HealthCare (Good Samaritan Orthopedic/Spine Services)
  • Emergency Replacement of Central Heating Plant Boilers
  • Expand Orange Parking Lot
  • Improve Athletic Facilities 1 - Joe craft Center Locker Room Renovation
  • Nicholasville Road Flood Mitigation                  
  • Renovate Academic/Administrative Facility 3 - Combs Cancer Research Building
  • Renovate Academic/Administrative Space 1 - Nutter Football Training Facility
  • Renovate Craft Center Offices
  • Renovate Lucille Little Library (Confucius Institute)                      
  • Renovate/Expand Gatton Building        
  • Renovate/Upgrade Academic Space (Patterson Hall)
  • Renovate Acadenmic/Administrative Space 2 (3rd Floor F. Paul Anderson Tower)
  • Renovate/Upgrade Athletics Playing Fields (Soccer Practice Field)
  • Renovate/Upgrade Athletics Playing Fields 2 (Student Recreation Fields)
  • Renovate/Upgrade UK Healthcare Facilities (Phase I-G) - 11th Floor
  • Renovate/Upgrade UK HealthCare Facilities (Phase I-F; I-G) - MRI, Hyperbaric & Radiology
  • Renovate/Upgrade UK HealthCare Facilities (Phase I-G) - Blood Bank      
  • Repair, Upgrade or Improve Electrical Infrastructure (Student Housing Project Phase III)
  • Repair, Upgrade & Improve Civil Site Infastructure - Sidewalk Upgrade
  • Repair, Upgrade or Improve Building Mechanical Systems - Dickey Hall HVAC