2017 National Conference

Campus Responses to Sexual Misconduct: Pausing to Consider the Implications

The University of Kentucky Center for Research On Violence Against Women hosted a national conference on September 21st and 22nd in Lexington, Kentucky. The conference focused on emerging issues relevant to campus sexual violence to include campus climate assessment and investigation/adjudication of sexual misconduct cases.

The conference was designed as a conceptual and issue-oriented conference, endeavoring to:

  • look at the role, issues and recommendations for campus climate assessment in the future; and 
  • present information, issues and implications for approaches to adjudicating cases of campus sexual misconduct.


Topics included legal implications of data sharing, confidentiality, mandatory reporting, affirmative consent issues and implications, rights of the complainant and accused, and sanctions and remedies. Nationally-known experts were invited as session speakers and panelists to discuss the full range of these issues while exploring current directions and best practices. Topics covered were pertinent to university administrators, student affairs personnel, faculty, researchers, lawyers, Title IX officers and graduate students who would find these topics to be most relevant.

A list of confirmed speakers can be found HERE

A copy of the agenda can be found HERE



September 21st-22nd, 2017




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*The cost of registration includes breakfast and lunch.