WebDAV Documentation

This document details how to connect to Sweb via WebDAV.

What is WebDAV?

WebDAV is an extension to HTTP which allows for collaborative authoring and sharing of files on the web. It is similar to FTP or Windows file sharing in that you can access a WebDAV directory just like a local filesystem. The advantage WebDAV has over alternatives is the fact that it operates via web connections, and is not blocked by almost all firewalls and other filtering systems. For more information, check out the WebDAV website.

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General information

To connect to Sweb via WebDAV you will need a URL. There are three available:

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Get WebDrive

We do have instructions on using Windows' native support for WebDAV, however due to its limitations we recommend the use of a third party application. WebDrive is an easy to use application specifically for this purpose. You will need to download and install WebDrive. It is available at the UK download center.

Set up WebDrive

Find WebDrive in the Start menu and open it.

You will be presented with the main screen. Click "New Site" at the bottom left.

Enter a short name for this connection. "Sweb" isn't a bad choice. Click "Next" to continue.

Leave the type as its default of "WebDAV". Click "Next".

Enter the address and select the checkbox to connect securely, then click "Next".

Now you may select the drive letter to be used for this connection. This is comparable to your C: hard drive, or A: floppy drive letters. You can usually leave it on the default of "W:". Click "Next" when you are satisfied with the choice.

Next you need to input your U-Connect username and password, then click "Next".

You have now set up a connection to sweb with WebDAV. Leave "Connect to Site now" checked and click "Finish" to mount your home directory on the chosen drive letter.

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Mac OS X

Connecting to a WebDAV service in Mac OS X is fairly simple. Simply go to the "Go" menu in Finder and select "Connect to Server..."

In the "Server Address" field, type in the address and click "Connect".

It will prompt for your username and password. Fill in your U-Connect credentials and click "OK". Your home directory will then be mounted.

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KDE and Gnome both have built-in WebDAV funcitonality and there are some good third-party filesystem packages such as FUSE which have WebDAV clients.

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