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Reflect the University of Kentuckyís degree programs and minors in accordance to the Senate Rules that govern them. Ensure that all official decisions (i.e., overrides, exceptions, and adjustments) made by each college are reflected on the studentsí degree audit.


Actively seek and apply upgrades, enhancements, and new versions of the degree audit software used by APEX when officially released by the Miami University in Oxford, Ohio.


Provide the campus community with an accurate representation of each University of Kentucky degree program and minor as they are encoded and approved for live usage.

For Students:

The APEX degree audit software will offer an opportunity to evaluate a studentís current progress within their respective degree program and minor. Also provided to students are the means to explore their options from among a list of degree programs, majors, and minors. The studentsí exploration can extend to the planned course feature allowing each student to be prepared for both their scheduled advising session and registration period.

For Advisor:

The APEX degree audit software can be a tool used to empower each of their students to be prepared for their scheduled advising sessions. It will also make way toward enhancing the advising experience by allowing time for discussion about important topics including, but not limited to, internships and career goals.

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Date Page Last Updated: Thursday, April 24, 2008