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DARS Help Graphics - Original and Reduced
At UK, we changed to .png graphics -- which were being used by the DARSweb 3.5.1 HELP web pages -- to .gif graphics.

We then needed to update the HTML code from <img src="???.png"> to <img src="???.gif"> on these three HELP pages too. This is so these web pages would be referring to the new file names ending in .gif.

  1. darsweb351adv/Help.html
  2. darsweb351stu/Help.html
  3. darsweb351stu/ParseAuditHelp.html

We used Miami University's original .png graphics files in the /images folder to create .gif graphics files. The .gif files have much smaller file sizes, so they would load on a web page much faster. This is important -- especially for those running DARSweb via a modem connection from a home PC.

This reduced the size of the graphics by about 90% (from 1,864 KB to 184 KB). You would need to switch out the graphics on both ADVISOR and STUDENT sides of DARSweb 3.5.x.

	ORIGINAL image files
	/darsweb351adv/images/IA_Header.png  size=117 KB
	/darsweb351adv/images/IA_Audit1.png  size=324 KB     
	/darsweb351adv/images/IA_Audit2.png  size=267 KB
	/darsweb351adv/images/IA_Audit3.png  size=272 KB
	/darsweb351adv/images/Catalog.png    size=356 KB
	/darsweb351adv/images/IA_Audit4.png  size= 68 KB
	/darsweb351adv/images/IA_Audit5.png  size=165 KB
	/darsweb351adv/images/IA_Audit6.png  size=295 KB
	                             TOTAL size=1,864 KB
	NEW image files
	/darsweb351adv/images/IA_Header.gif   size= 6 KB
	/darsweb351adv/images/IA_Audit1.gif   size=41 KB
	/darsweb351adv/images/IA_Audit2.gif   size=20 KB
	/darsweb351adv/images/IA_Audit3.gif   size=24 KB
	/darsweb351adv/images/Catalog.gif     size=43 KB
	/darsweb351adv/images/IA_Audit4.gif   size=14 KB 
	/darsweb351adv/images/IA_Audit5.gif   size=11 KB
	/darsweb351adv/images/IA_Audit6.gif   size=25 KB
	                               TOTAL size=184 KB
Original: IA_Header.png, size = 117 KB
IA Header pic

Reduced: IA_Header.gif, size = 6 KB
IA Header pic

Original: IA_Audit1.png, size = 324 KB
IA Audit1 pic

Reduced: IA_Audit1.gif, size = 41 KB
IA Audit1 pic

Original: IA_Audit2.png, size = 267 KB
IA Audit2 pic

Reduced: IA_Audit2.gif, size = 20 KB
IA Audit2 pic

Original: IA_Audit3.png, size = 272 KB
IA Audit3 pic

Reduced: IA_Audit3.gif, size = 24 KB
IA Audit3 pic

Original: Catalog.png, size = 356 KB

Reduced: Catalog.gif, size = 43 KB
Catalog pic

Original: IA_Audit4.png, size = 68 KB
IA Audit4 pic

Reduced: IA_Audit4.gif, size = 14 KB
IA Audit4 pic

Original: IA_Audit5.png, size = 165 KB
IA Audit5 pic

Reduced: IA_Audit5.gif, size = 11 KB
IA Audit5 pic

Original: IA_Audit6.png, size = 295 KB
IA Audit6 pic

Reduced: IA_Audit6.gif, size = 25 KB
IA Audit6 pic

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