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Alumni Lecture Series - Tim Sadler and Andy Vogel

November 1, 2013, 1:00
209 Pence Hall (map it)

The UK College of Design Alumni Speaker Series features among the nation’s most influential designers and professionals—all of whom graduated from UK and have returned to share their insights on a variety of design-related topics.
In music, the coda delineates a special piece of the song set apart. It typically includes a recapitulation of a theme with a slightly different twist—a unique homecoming of sorts. Our UK/CoDA Speaker Series brings some of our College’s most illustrious graduates back to campus to present their take on the series’ theme, interface with students and faculty, and reconnect with the modern College of Design. This year, our theme is “From Here to Anywhere” wherein speakers from leaders in the profession to recent graduates will share their insights about the paths that lead from the UK/CoD to success across a multitude of careers.
Andrew Vogel, ’91 is the Vice President of Trinity Health Group, a healthcare specific business consulting, and master-planning firm. Beyond the basic design services, Trinity also performs analysis not found in many design firms including operational, market analysis, ambulatory network development, demand modeling, return on investment analysis, capital allocation studies, and lean process design.
Mr. Vogel’s role as Vice President focuses largely on operations, but he still supports planning studies, massing studies, stack diagrams, and other traditional architectural services. Formerly, he was Director of Business Development and Marketing for Trinity, where he was responsible for proposals, marketing information, website, schedules, fees included in the procurement of new work including meeting with potential new clients. Mr. Vogel hails from Columbus, Ohio.
Timothy Sadler, ’90 is the Tech Ops Engineer for Amazon Web Services, where he develops architectural concepts, assisting in land acquisitions and initial-stage project development and troubleshoots ongoing builds, all the while providing data storage and computational capacity solutions for Amazon—the world’s largest cloud-computing provider—and its customers. Mr. Sadler works globally in this capacity and is involved in design research centered on increasing efficiencies of operation and lowering costs of service to Amazon customers. 
Mr. Sadler has an M. Arch. from the University of Texas at Austin and worked at NBBJ in Seattle, SOM in Chicago, in addition to a few smaller firms and owning his own firm, Formworks, in Nashville from 1997 through 2002.  Mr. Sadler has been a registered architect since 1998 and is originally from Guthrie, Kentucky.
Mr. Vogel and Mr. Sadler, classmates at the College of Design, reunited in China last year while working with a firm called BDCL Design International out of Beijing and Bellevue, WA. They will lecture on how their studies at the College of Design prepared them to use their skills to pursue “non-traditional” design careers only to reconnect—of all places—on the other side of the globe.