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Dr. Patrick Lee Lucas to speak at TEDxUKY

April 12, 2014, 1:00 pm
William T. Young Library (map it)

Dr. Patrick Lee Lucas, Director of the UK/CoD School of Interiors, will present at talk entitled "Design in Your World" at the first TEDxUKY on Saturday, April 12 in the William T. Young Library at the University of Kentucky.

An award-winning teacher in two states and presenter in conferences world-wide, Patrick Lee Lucas brings to TedxUKY the ability to convincingly tell a story.  A design historian and practitioner, Dr. Lucas draws together the innate ability to seamlessly connect concepts and ideas expressed in material form.  His good sense of humor and ability to narrate/illustrate a convincing view of design as a form human biography makes him an ideal candidate for TedxUKY organized around the "see change" theme.  A life-long scholar in material culture and the development of the American nation in a global view, he brings to the TedxUKY event the opportunity for others to see design around them and to make sense of design as one fundamental form of human expression in a rapidly changing world. 
Nearly every student on the University of Kentucky campus owns a smart phone and they see the world through the tiny screen, connecting with others through texts, phone calls, and other forms of social media.  Pulled in and out of pockets and purses multiple times daily, these designed objects have transformed the world as we know it in the twenty-first century: the ways in which we communicate and connect, the ways in which information is shared, and the ways in which we operate physically with these marvels of engineering in the palm of our hands. Of a generation that has always been immersed in digital technology, students embrace objects like smart phones as products that enhance the quality of the human experience.  Drawing from this example and several others in this talk, I explore objects, spaces, buildings, and places to see that human life unfolds within, around, and near designed buildings and surrounded by designed things. 

TEDxUKY is a new independent Ted event organized and coordinated by students to promote faculty, student and employer involvement. Our goal is for faculty and employers to be able to showcase their unique research topics and/or their interesting company dynamic with the school and stimulate interest through their presentations. Moreover, we want to provide an atmosphere that fosters learning and the sharing of ideas, which is the overall purpose of TED.