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Third Annual UK/CoD End of Year Student Show

May 4, 2012, 7:00PM
527 E 3rd St., Lexington, KY (map it)

The College of Design is proud to hold its third annual End of Year Student Show, a presentation of student work. This year’s show will display the innovative research, design and partnerships taking place at the CoD through the work of the most noteworthy studios and the return of the taco truck.

Studios presented in the show are revolutionizing design solutions for problems experienced on a global level and within the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Some studios to be featured in the exhibition include:

  • The Houseboat to Energy Efficient Housing (HBEER) Studio, a joint project initiated by the College of Design and the Center for Applied Energy Research. Led by the CoD’s Dean, Michael Speaks, and Rodney Andrews from the CAER, along with the involvement of a large number of architecture graduate students, HBEER addresses the important concerns of low-cost housing and energy efficiency.
  • The Paducah Studio, taught by Assistant Professor Gary Rohrbacher, which explores the future for Paducah, KY after the closure of the Paducah Gaseous Diffusion Plant. Students are fully involved in the creation of materials for an exhibition that presents their ideas in a way that will inspire communication and ultimately action for the city of Paducah.
  • The Performa Studio, taught by Assistant Professor Michael McKay, which studies multi-performative material systems using off-the-shelf products and experimental digital and physical modeling practices. Students create and test modular units to determine possibilities for the production of innovative architectural assemblages that can perform on many levels.
  • The Louisville Water Company Studio, taught by Elodie Nourrigat, which focuses on the development of proposals for a new Water Education Center and Museum for the Louisville Water Company. Students prepare plans for these new facilities that will share the company’s history and provide information that relays the importance of water to energy, technology and health.
  • The School of Interior Design will exhibit work from a broad range of studios. Among those will be the students' response to President Eli Capilouto's plan to dramatically transform the UK campus, with particular attention to actions that will enhance undergradutate education and improve facilities on the nearly 150-year-old campus.
  • The Northen Kentucky River Cities Studio spent an entire year researching and designing proposals that dealt with the necklace of cities south of the Ohio River from Cincinnati. Models, posters, and propsals will be on display.

The End of Year Student Show will be taking place in the Land of Tomorrow (LOT) Gallery, located in the east end of downtown Lexington at 527 E 3rd Street. The LOT space was created to serve as a home to the creation and display of experimental works in the areas of design, art and music in Kentucky.