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40+ Rethinking Design: Interior Design Symposium


March 30, 2012, March 29 - 30
UK Student Center, Center Theater (map it)

Robin Guenther, Perkins+Will, New York

Cindy Coleman - Gensler, Chicago

Chris Collins - Tipodean Technologies, San Francisco

The University of Kentucky College of Design will celebrate the School of Interior Design’s fortieth anniversary through a symposium, “40+ Rethinking Design.” The free public symposium will be presented March 29 and 30, at the Center Theater, located in the University of Kentucky’s Student Center.

“Throughout its history the School of Interior Design at the University of Kentucky has been at the forefront in delivering a professional degree and producing graduates who are responsive to the changing needs of the design industries. Our graduates are excelling in diverse fields of practice ranging from healthcare to product design,” says Ann Dickson, Director of the School of Interior Design. “The School of Interior Design’s increasingly global perspective touches all realms of study. This symposium is essential to understanding the needs of future populations and how design practices will address these challenges.”

Dickson adds, “This symposium not only marks and celebrates our past, but is also the foundation upon which the School of Interior Design moves into the future.”

The symposium speakers will focus on the future of designed environments, giving special attention to the human experience in respect to natural resources, other people, and the processes that impact the interactions we have with our surroundings. The speakers, in order of scheduled appearance, are Prataap Patrose, Director of Boston’s Urban Design Department; Robin Guenther, Principal at Perkins+Will; Cindy Coleman, Strategic Planner at Gensler; Chris Collins, CEO and Founder of Tipodean Technologies. Eileen Jones, Principal at Perkins+Will will moderate the panel discussion.

0.2 ASID and IIDA Contiuning Education HSW Units are available for each session for a total of 0.8 HSW units. Please register for the HSW units here.

All events will take place in the Student Center's "Center Theater." Parking is available on South Limestone in Parking Structure #5.

March 29
8:30 AM - Prataap Patrose
City of Boston
SRED: Socially Responsible Enlightened Design

9:15 AM - Respondents
Jim Gray, Mayor, Lexington, KY
Stan Harvey, Urban Collage, Inc., Lexington, KY
Steve Austin, Blue Grass Community Foundation, Lexington, KY

10:30 AM - Robin Guenther
Perkins+Will, New York
Future Think: Hospital Design as a Catalyst for Global Wellness

11:15 AM - Respondents
Dr. Graham Rowles, Director & Chair Graduate Center for Gerontology, University Kentucky
Dr. Michael Karpf, VP Executive Health Affairs/UKHC
Karleen Stephens, Manager, Health & Safety and Disability Management, Steelcase, Inc.

March 30
8:30 AM - Cindy Coleman
Gensler, Chicago
Workplace and the Global Economy

9:15 AM - Respondents
Walter J. Ferrier, Ph.D., Gatton Endowed Associate Professor of Strategic Management, Gatton College of Business & Economics, University of Kentucky
Greg Shafer, Humana, Workplace Innovation, Louisville
Jay Brand Ph.D., Cognitive Psychologist, Haworth Inc., Holland, MI

10:30 AM - Chris Collins
Tipodean Technologies, San Francisco
Interactive, realtime design

11:15 AM - Respondents
Melody Carswell, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Department of Psychology, University of Kentucky
George Aye, Greater Good Studio, School of the Art Institute, Chicago
Ruigang Yang, Ph.D, Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science, College of Engineering, University of Kentucky