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2011 Summer Career Discovery Program

August 23, 2011   |   School

CoD instructors Martin and Regina Summers led a two-week, Summer Career Discovery Program for high school juniors and seniors. Over the course of the program, 18 students were engaged in a variety of activities that emulated what it might be like to study architecture and interior design at the College of Design.

The program focused on an intensive design studio experience, the core of a design degree, and allowed students to explore and evolve design ideas based on a given problem. The creative and nurturing environment of the studio allowed students to freely explore their ideas within constraints and exposed the participants to other possible solutions and insights through interactive reviews and discussions with fellow participants. Ultimately the students presented their work to invited guest reviewers and their peers.

Instructor Martin Summers described the student presentations: “It was impressive to see the participants stand in front of a fairly large group and confidently explain their thought process as evidenced in the work they were presenting. We had several of the guest critics to comment on the composure of the students as a whole and to express that ‘this group has set a high bar for even first year presentations.’”

The studio experience was supplemented with lectures and workshops on model making, drawing, contemporary design and how design thinking can be seen in the world around us. Several field trips allowed participants to experience first hand how the design process is ultimately materialized in built form. Tours of Lexington, modern houses in the region, contemporary buildings and of several local design offices gave concrete examples of the variety of possible projects and career options in architecture and interior design.

2011 SCDP student Amber Altic described her experience: “I found the process more difficult than I anticipated. I enjoyed every moment, but it really pushed me to a new level. I had to be more creative and imaginative than ever before. I now see the art in architecture, the relationships betweens angles and curves and why architects choose to design their building in a particular manner. I really hope to continue developing my skills in the design program in the near future. This was a wonderful opportunity and I loved every moment of it.”

Summer Career Discovery Program 2011 Participants
Amber Altic
Caleb Baldwin
Hannah Cooper
Aaron Crouch
Caroline Courtenay
Michael Goffinet
Justice Goodner
Graham Fielder
Shayana Fields
Alexander Foulke
Aspen Geheber
Madison Jarvis
Nia Johnson
Pooja Patel
Alissa Ramburger
Brock Sigler
Owen Weber
Akerra Woolfork

Guest instructors, critics and tour guides:
Joe Rey-Barreau
Clyde Carpenter
Matthew Clark
Ann Dickson
Chris Estes
Scott Guyon
Sarah Heller
Greg Luhan
Mark O’Bryan
Jason Scroggin

Local offices who generously shared their time and skills:
EOP Architects
Gray Construction
Lucas Schwering
Omni Architects
Tate, Hill, Jacobs

Thanks to the homeowners who participated and allowed a large group into their residence during the middle of the day. Special thanks also to Michael Wright at Vespa Lexington for the donation of cardboard.

Thanks also to Jordan Hines (TA), Kari Kinder (RA), and Nick Wall (RA)